7 December 2017 - 21:55

Ezreal's reign as the most winning champion in League has been ended by Morgana

There's a sentence we didn't expect to type today.
Image via Riot Games

One of the least popular champions of last year, Morgana, is steamrolling her way to the top of the League of Legends champion ladder after her changes yesterday in Patch 7.24.

Prior to yesterday's patch, she was sitting below a one percent playrate in the mid lane, according to League stats site Champion.gg. Now, though, her playrate has spiked above three percent, and her winrate has skyrocketed over 60 percent—even higher than Ezreal's 58 percent during the last patch.

Now that her winrate is so terrifying, Morgana is looking downright OP, but what exactly bulked her up this much overnight?

The answer lies within her new passive and tweaked Tormented Soil. Her passive has been reworked to not provide her with spell vamp, but instead she will now heal for a portion of her damage dealt, which is basically the same thing as spell vamp but with a few differences. Now, the health return will scale up with level, and it will proc on large monsters and large minions as well as champions.

Her Tormented Soil now refunds five percent of its cooldown each time she heals from her new passive, which is the really broken part of her new kit.

This means that if Morgana lands a snare and then drops her pool beneath the victim's feet, they will refund her pool's cooldown enough for her to drop another one right after the first expires. This has turned her laning harass into a much stronger tool, and it's opened up an unexpected avenue by turning her into a viable jungler.

That's right, Morg is being played in the jungle now, too, and her winrate there is a very respectable 52 percent on Champion.gg. Allowing her to jungle was part of Riot's goal for this tweak, but her laning power seems to have gone way off the deep end as a result.

A 60 percent winrate is unbalanced, through and through, and something needs to be done soon to control her power.

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