Evil Geniuses take down Team Liquid to strengthen their case for the 2020 LCS Spring playoffs

The kings of NA are struggling to stay afloat.

Photo via Riot Games

If you’re a Team Liquid fan, then it’s definitely time to be panicking. The defending champions have fallen once more to a surging Evil Geniuses squad on week eight of the 2020 LCS Spring Split.

For the entirety of the spring League of Legends season so far, Liquid haven’t shown any of the same synergy and strength that North American fans have grown accustomed to over the past two years. In this game, it was clear that none of the team members were on the same page. Evil Geniuses were the complete opposite of Liquid, showing off great macro plays and decisive teamfighting.

For example, in an attempt to take the Baron buff, the Evil Geniuses roster executed a brilliant play by moving three players over to the mid lane to make Liquid believe that they had pulled away from the Baron. In reality, top laner Kumo and jungler Svenskeren both stayed on the camp, resulting in an uncontested Baron and a kill soon after.

With this loss, Liquid now sit in a rough spot, where they will have to win three straight games to even make playoffs. This would also include a tough match against Cloud9—which many fans and analysts expect them to lose. If Liquid end up missing the playoffs, they will be the first returning champion in LCS history to miss the postseason.

The only silver lining that some fans can see is that Doublelift became the first player in LCS history to reach 1,500 kills for the regular season. This feat is impressive but is overshadowed completely by growing possibility of this team faltering before the playoffs.

For Evil Geniuses fans, celebrations are in order. Jiizuke showed off some awesome plays on LeBlanc, while staying confident and aggressive throughout the entire match. Their team has become a lot more solid as a unit and if they can continue to improve, a deep playoff run isn’t out of the picture.