Everything we know about Isolde, League of Legends’ next potential champion

Summoner's Rift could be home to another couple soon.

Image via Riot Games

Releasing League of Legends champions is one thing, but creating the same level of hype around them is another. Each new release hits Summoner’s Rift with an event and abilities that spice up the metagame. Though Riot Games introduces many balance changes with each patch, nothing shakes up League like a new champion.

Though other titles’ fans rely on leaks to catch a glimpse of what’s on the horizon for their favorite game, Riot enjoys hiding things in plain sight. League fans haven’t got a chance to try out Viego yet, but it looks like Isolde may be next on the list after the Ruined King steps foot onto Summoner’s Rift.

There isn’t any information available on Isolde regarding her abilities or looks, but her theme was slightly revealed in Viego’s biography. Isolde was a seamstress who was cut by a poisoned dagger that was meant to strike Viego. Despite not leaving a single stone unturned for his dying love, Viego wasn’t able to find an antidote in time, causing him to witness his wife’s painful death.

Despite being a reasonable king, Viego slowly started to lose his sense of self and never gave up on looking for a way to see his wife, even if it was just one last time. Viego’s efforts led him to the Blessed Isles and its healing waters. After conquering the land, Viego used the healing waters on Isolde, but no one expected the end result.

Isolde rose from the grave only to shout in rage and pain. She was ripped from the cold grasp of death after all, which can be comforting as much as it sounds scary. While all of this was taking place, Isolde made a move to Viego’s blade and pierced him through his heart with it. Viego turned into a love-driven lich king after these events and started wreaking havoc once again, hoping to find his wife without his memories of what happened on that day.

What happens to Isolde after this is somewhat unclear, but assuming she didn’t return back to being dead afterward, it looks like a unique reunion will be awaiting both League fans and Viego.

Isolde has been in a couple of hints. Both the teaser image of Viego and the new top laner share the same sigil. The image for the latter also includes some sewing elements. There could be Easter eggs hidden in the upcoming Ruined King game, which might help players figure out the current status of Isolde.

This post will be updated as more information regarding Isolde becomes available. 

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