Every League of Legends Worlds song ranked

If we gotta r-r-rank the Worlds songs, then let’s rank the Worlds songs.

Image via Riot Games

It’s been less than a week since the latest League of Legends Worlds Championship song “Burn It All Down” launched, but since then, it has been played over eight million times on YouTube alone.

“This is where the game gets ugly” as we attempt to rank every Worlds anthem released by Riot Games. The first song related to the international competition was “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons, who performed the anthem live during the 2014 Worlds Final in Seoul. Since then, it has become a tradition for the highest League competition to have an anthem that usually represents past champions, legends, and future contenders for the title. 

So far, we have eight Worlds anthems, each with its own music video. However, for this list, we wanted to focus on the song itself, the lyrics, the catchiness of the chorus, and the feelings that it conveys to us. Additionally, this list only features the official Worlds songs, and will not include other pieces such as Pentakill’s discography.

Here are our rankings of the best Worlds songs and music videos, from worst to best.

8. “Worlds Collide” (ft. Nicki Taylor)—2015

Even if this song has a powerful chorus that can capture every League fan, it still is not enough to “bring to fall the giants.” Released in 2015, “Worlds Collide” was the second song ever made for a League World Championship and it helped Riot Games find the right tune for the rest of the anthems. Worlds songs have improved throughout the years, and even if “Worlds Collide” ranks last in our list, it was a landmark from which the rest of the songs could “rise up high.”

7. “Ignite” (ft. Zedd)—2016

“There’s a power that’s underneath” electronic music, and this song ignited our inner dancing instincts. “Ignite” goes in a completely different direction compared to every other Worlds song. The electronic beats are accompanied by an orchestral arrangement that helps distinguish it as a Worlds song without sacrificing its individuality. The steady rhythms build up for incredibly catchy drops, truly like a “spark to an open flame.” Riot stepped out of its comfort zone for “Ignite” and it worked, but it didn’t make us “feel the rush.” “Ignite” takes the seventh place on our list. 

6. “Burn It All Down” (ft. PVRIS)—2021

“All the people want fire, fire,” but this song didn’t provide it. The hype around this year’s anthem started building up when it was announced Worlds would move to Europe for 2021. It then exploded when the teasers for the video were published almost a week prior to the beginning of the competition. But maybe the bar was set too high, and the general response from the fans wasn’t positive. Unfortunately for the anthem, “Burn It All Down” this year was more a “break” than a “make,” and it ranks in the lower tiers of our list.

5. “Warriors” (ft. Imagine Dragons)—2014

The fifth-placed song on our list is the one that “[built] this town from dust.” As of Oct. 1, “Warriors” has the highest number of views on YouTube among all the Worlds songs. 

The brooding undertones throughout “Warriors” highlight the significance of competing on the Worlds stage. The lyrics encapsulate the tireless journey of becoming a world champion while alluding to the League community that helped build the game into the spectacle it is today—a feat that arguably hasn’t been achieved in any other Worlds song. 

This song’s “spirit never dies.” In fact, a remix was made in 2020 to announce the beginning of the 10th League season. “Warriors” takes the fifth place on our list. Yes, even if it’s the only Worlds song that includes a guitar solo. 

4. “Take Over” (ft. Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember, MAX, Henry)—2020

“Why would you dare me to do it again?” was probably an answer to all the fans who loved “Phoenix” in 2019 and dared Riot to do it again. And Riot not only met the fans’ expectations, but it even surpassed them. “Take Over” was the anthem for the 10th anniversary of the League World Championship, and it looks at the future with passages such as “Maybe you wonder what your futures’ gonna be/but I got it all locked up.”

3. “Legends Never Die” (ft. Against The Current)—2017

“Legends Never Die” almost becomes a part of you, and that’s why it takes third place on our list.

The moments of serenity throughout “Legends Never Die” are paralleled with passionate crescendos leading into an explosive chorus. It’s constantly driven by heavy percussion, which helps build anticipation and keeps the song moving forward without feeling worn out. 

This song is “written down in eternity” as one of the most beloved League Worlds Championship songs. 

2. “Phoenix” (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza)—2019

They say “you gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you’ll fly,” and this Phoenix flew high. With over a hundred million views on YouTube, the Worlds 2019 anthem has been a favorite ever since it was released. It’s a more toned-down song compared to the previous year’s anthem, “RISE,” but it still got us to “tear down the ceiling” while singing it.

A clean instrumental intro teases what the song is going to build up into. Accompanied by clean solo vocals and a steady beat, “Phoenix” really reached new heights. Not only is the music exceptional, like every other Worlds song, but “Phoenix” also has powerful lyrics that will make every fan “come out of the ashes.” There is only one other song that can challenge its right to the throne. 

1. “RISE” (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive)—2018

The only Worlds song that can hold the crown is the one that climbed all the way to the summit. “RISE” is the culmination of four years’ worth of Worlds music videos. As a song, “RISE” checks every box. It has a satisfying buildup that makes us chase the chorus “higher and higher” until the powerful drop makes you scream as if you fought for it with your hands. “RISE” constantly takes us through its captivating chorus while making each iteration sound new and refreshed, and the eerily desolate bridge keeps us waiting in anticipation for the hook to return. 

“RISE” brings us on a journey for the crown and by making the listener the protagonist of this climb. The 2018 Worlds anthem truly rose to the top of our list.