Every K-Pop and Halloween skin coming in League of Legends Patch 8.21

There are seven skins and a whole bunch of chromas.

Image via Riot Games

Next week’s League of Legends patch, Patch 8.21, is shaping up to be quite barren in terms of balance changes and meaningful updates. If you like skins, though, you’re about to be very happy, because the new line of K-Pop-themed K/DA skins and a new bundle of Halloween skins should become available, according to the current PBE cycle.

That’s a total of seven skins across two skin families that are very, very different from one another. Some of them are Legacy skins that will only be available for a little while, and others will stick around for the long haul. Also included in the patch are plenty of chromas for some of these new skins, but not all of them.

Here are all seven skins included in the Patch 8.21 PBE cycle that should all become available when the patch goes live next week.


Ahri – 1,350 RP

Image via Riot Games

Akali – 1,350 RP

Image via Riot Games

Evelynn – 1,350 RP

Image via Riot Games

Kai’Sa – 1,350 RP

Image via Riot Games

Prestige Kai’Sa chroma – 2,000 Worlds Tokens

Image via Riot Games


Trick or Treat Ekko – 1,350 RP (Legacy)

Count Kledula – 1,350 RP (Legacy after first year)

Bewitching Janna – 1,350 RP (Legacy)