EUW League of Legends server hits 3 million players in 2019

Roughly 500,000 more players joined League in Europe West in 2019.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends isn’t just celebrating its 10th anniversary this year after one of the game’s servers reached a new milestone recently. The Europe West server surpassed three million summoners in 2019. There are 3,000,774 players signed up on the EUW server, according to

Last year, the server had around 2.5 million summoners signed up, which means over 500,000 more players have joined EUW in 2019. The EUW server is the second-most populated in League—South Korea is unsurprisingly in first place.

Here are the numbers of other regional servers:

  • South Korea: 3,776,609 players
  • North America: 1,754,576 players
  • North-East Europe: 1,547,540 players
  • Brazil: 1,421,764 players

The number of players in a free-to-play game like League has to be taken with a grain of salt, though, since it’s easier to create multiple accounts. But this increase for EUW still represents a growing player base in Europe.

The highest-level League player is also from the EUW server. French player Toucan Celeste surpassed level 2,000 during League’s 10-year anniversary event hosted by Riot a week ago.

The growing number of players in League shows that the game is still extremely popular 10 years after its release.