Here is your recap of Day 1, Week 7 of the EU LCS.

Today marked Day 1, Week 7 of the European League Championship Series (EU LCS).

From G2 Esports getting a pentakill against Splyce, to Fnatic dominating H2k-Gaming, here’s how Day 1, Week 7 went down:

(4-4-5) Unicorns of Love 2-0 Giants Gaming (5-2-6)

Game 1: The first game was all UOL as they won the first teamfight and then never lost the lead. UOL controlled objectives well and didn’t fall for any of Giants’ traps. The best performance of the game came from UOL mid laner Fabian “Exileh” Schubert, who went 3/0/9 as Viktor.

Game 2: The second game was about the same for UOL, except there was no early teamfight to take a lead off of. UOL simply controlled objectives and rotated better than Giants, and UOL also farmed better, giving them a better gold lead for the eventual teamfights. The best performance of the match came from UOL ADC Kim “Veritas” Kyoung-min, who went 8/0/7 as Ezreal.

(6-7-0) G2 Esports TIE Splyce (5-6-2)

Game 1: The first game was mostly dominated by Splyce, as the teamfights and objective control were mostly in their favor. G2 did start to make a comeback around 24 minutes in, but Splyce promptly crushed that hope after getting Baron. The best performance of the match came from Splyce jungler Jonas “Trashy” Andersen.

Game 2: The second match was close until 22 minutes in, when G2 grabbed the first Baron. The game didn’t get out of reach until G2 grabbed another Baron, though, and then G2 top laner Ki “Expect” Dae-han (7/2/3 as Gangplank) got a pentakill to seal the deal.

(3-6-4) Team Vitality 2-0 Team ROCCAT (1-5-7)

Game 1: The first match was relaxed – only one teamfight took place, and Vitality easily won it and took Baron. Vitality wasn’t really challenged the whole game and it showed. The best performance of the game came from Vitality support Raymond “KaSing” Tsang, who went 4/0/8 as Morgana.

Game 2: ROCCAT truly had Vitality where they wanted them. 39 minutes in, ROCCAT had a 10.8k gold lead, three Dragon lead and the game victory in hand. However, Vitality won the Baron teamfight and then pushed into ROCCAT’s base and won the game. Vitality’s best performance came from ADC Park “Police” Hyeong-gi, who went 9/1/8 as Jhin.

(3-6-4) FC Schalke 04 TIE Origen (1-7-5)

Game 1: The first game saw S04 explode out the gates, dominating Origen as the game went on, only to sputter at the end and allow Origen to take the win. Origen played it slow and that ended up working in their favor. The best performance of the match came from Origen mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage, who went 3/1/5 as Azir.

Game 2: In the second game, S04 finished what they started in the first game. Despite starting out close, it was obvious that S04 had an advantage due to having a better champion draft. The best performance of the game came from S04 ADC Tristan “MrRalleZ” Schrage, who went 8/0/3 as Lucian.

(7-3-3) Fnatic 2-0 H2k=Gaming (4-6-3)

Game 1: The first game was boring when it comes to teamfights – only two took place. Fnatic took the win due to better objective control and better farming. Other than that, there wasn’t much else than better macro play from Fnatic.

Game 2: In the second game, Fnatic dominated H2k. There was never a chance for H2k to take a lead from the start. Fnatic took home the victory pretty easily, thanks to a great performance from top laner Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek, who went 10/2/3 as Gnar.

What are your thoughts on Day 1, Week 7 of the EU LCS 2016 Summer Split?  Who do you think will take the crown? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter – @GAMURScom