EU and NA power rankings

Pre-season rankings 1. SK gaming 2. Elements 3. Roccat 4. Gambit 5. U of L 6. MYM 7. Fnatic 8. H2K 9. Coppenhagen Wolves 10. Giants Week 1 power rankings1/21/15 1.

Pre-season rankings
1. SK gaming
2. Elements
3. Roccat
4. Gambit
5. U of L
6. MYM
7. Fnatic
8. H2K
9. Coppenhagen Wolves
10. Giants

Week 1 power rankings 1/21/15

1. SK gaming (2-0)-I had them ranked 1 in the preseason and I’m not changing that. Forgiven and Nrated look like theve been playing togather for years and are complty dominate in lane. Freddy although not incredibly impressive in week 1 is still the pinnacle of EU toplaners, fox the unknown was more than serviacable and seems to fit in well. Suprisingly SVENSKEREN was the out lier for me with some questionable decision making. There lack of prioritizing vision will probably cost them a game or two this split but I expect them to over power most teams.

2. Fnatic (2-0)-Yup just as I expected Steelback would rack up 37 kills in his first two games. No seriously though no one saw this coming, Fnatic has seemed to do what so many others before them have failed. The addition of Febiven was huge, reignover and Huni did there job and the bot lane was out of control. Unfortunately for us we wont see them up against SKs bot lane until week 5. There match up against Roccat in week 2 should tell us a bit more about this team, but for now I’m on the band wagon.  CHU CHU

3. Roccat (1-1)-I’m not ready to give up on Roccat yet so there staying at number 3. Week one wasn’t great for them, but there line up is just solid, Jankos is the number 1 jungle in EU give him some time to develop synergy with Nukeduck and this team will be a power house.

4. Elements (1-1)-They looked awful against FNC, they did pick up a win against UOL but it seemed more that UOL lost that game then Elements out played them. Wicked looked lost and clearly the team just hasnt put it all togather yet. If they manage to figure out a way to utilize Froggen and Rekkeles and they can stop the bleeding in top lane they have enough in just pure talent to beat most teams this split.

5. UOL (1-1)-Really solid win against a very hyped gambit there vision control was very impressive.  POE is very impressive but they still have a few kinks to work out before I see them making top 3. There lack of experience really showed in the Elements game and that will be there weakness. The amount of skill shots missed and poor engages is disconcerting but not something they can’t improve on.  Defiantly the up and comers in EU and I expect them to continue improving.

6. Giants (2-0)-They beat an MYM and CW rather handily as well, unfortunately I think those teams are awful. Will see what happens when there schedule strengthens. They get UOL and H2K in week 2 and Roccat and FNC in week 3.

7. H2k (0-2)-I have this team just barley missing relegation. The fact they lost there ace right after qualifying was a tough pill to swallow. They threw the game against CW and got beaten handly by a pretty solid FNC team. Unlike the other 3 teams down here I see them improving with some time together.

8. Gambit (0-2)-Pinoy is a monster and they maybe able to pick up a game or two off his back. Diamond was bad, really bad.  I’m not sure Edward and Diamond are going to be able to handle another season losing.  Unless they have something up there sleeve, I don’t see this going well. 

9. MYM (0-2)– If Selfie is gone for good MYM is going to be bad all split. If he comes back you can probably swap them and H2K.

10. Coppenhagen Wolves (1-1)-I feel like this team is just built to avoid dropping from the LCS they’ll need to be careful this season with the new relegation rules in place.



NA preseason rankings (1/23)

Ill be real brief here and I’ll go more in depth after week one.

1. Team Liquid-I think they won the off season if there mid laner is even serviceable I’m taking team liquid to break the curse. 

2. Cloud 9-Of course C9 is still going to be a power house I’m just taking Piglet Xspecial over Sneaky and Lemon nation but it will be close, if you break down the two rosters they’re pretty similar.  The unknown is Fenix.  I wont fight you if you want to swap my one and two here.

3. TSM-I think they down graded with the Santorin pick up, they barley made it out of a bad group at worlds and there performance at IEM SJ was laughable.  That being said there still TSM.  

4. Winter Fox-Might be a bit of a reach but looking at the roster I can see this working out.  I think Helios is underrated and if Altec and Poblter live up to the hype this could turn into a scary line up. 

5. Gravity-I’d be surprised if Gravity didn’t make the playoffs this split, there consistent but wont compete for one of those top 3 spots in the summer.

6. Dignitas-They kept Shiptur and Crumbz so the split wont be a total disaster I think they surprising make the playoffs.

7. CLG-There’s something wrong with this team and I think it’s internal Xsmithie isn’t going to solve that, Double lift and Afro aren’t going to be able to carry this team this split. 

8. TIP-This was a cluster fluster I don’t know what this team is going to do I know they have XiaoWeiXiao and that’s enough to pick up a few wins.

9. Team 8-I don’t think this team will be able to win a single game against my top 7.  They got luck complexity couldn’t get over there like girl drama and get there shit together for a series.  

10. Coast-Impaler is a freak, no one else on this team was even slightly impressive, I’m not sure how the exempt non exempt thing will effect Impaler but he’ll be picked up by someone.