ESL EPS Season 11 Finals FSN vs TDK

Game 1 Nien.

Game 1

     Nien. Despite some early game shenanigans and some strange lane step ups (Trance in all three lanes at various points) Nien manages to pick up a kill on Kez with his ult while he was killing raptors, then immediately follows that up with a 1v1 kill on LoiusXGeeGee’s Graves. So, even though TDK had some early advantage with their Rek’Sai pick, in the end, a Jinx pentakill from Nien led to the surrender from TDK at a little after 21 minutes.

Game 2

   Like many games, this one was lost at Baron. While FSN had an advantage up until this point, after a good fight for TDK, they go for Baron. The Baron gets stolen, and in the following confusion, Huhi manages to pick up 4 kills on his Nidalee on the fleeing TDK. From this point on, FSN struggled to close out the game despite having taken both of TDK’s nexus turrets. However, just before the 46 minute mark, TDK attempted a last ditch effort fight outside of their mid lane inhib and even though LouisXGeeGee’s Kalista was very strong, bad positioning led to defeat. FSN took four kills and easily closed out the game.

Game 3

   While  the third game of the set was less explosive than the first game, and less drawn out than the second, there was no shortage of action. The desperation for TDK was evident in their early attempt at a half-hearted invade, but the major launch pad for this game was a dragon fight at 18 minutes in. Despite getting their dragon stolen, FSN turns the fight into a 1 for 4 and begins to snowball of this advantage. FSN aces TDK and follows that up with a Baron at 29 minutes. A second ace for FSN at 32 minutes drew out the surrender from TDK an a clean sweep of the finals for FSN.

TL;DR: Nien played outstanding this entire series in spite of being over-aggressive at times. GG.