EDG take sole position of first place in Group A after win over T1

EDG take another win in the EDG vs. T1 rivalry.

Photo via Riot Games/Getty Images

In a continuation of the T1 vs. Edward Gaming and the LCK vs. LPL rivalries, EDG took down T1 today at Worlds in a one-sided bout off the backs of both of their solo laners’ performances and understanding of T1’s winning conditions.

Flandre posted a 5/0/7 scoreline on the Graves while Scout posted a 5/0/8 scoreline on the Sylas.  Today’s match started with EDG getting first in the first Rift Herald fight of the game, and a punishing of Oner in his own jungle. This gave the Chinese representatives an early gold lead.

With the early gold lead in hand, EDG never let up, constantly making plays around the map and winning clean team fights, understanding fully what T1’s win conditions were. The gold lead grew even larger with the first team fight at the 15-minute mark, where the LPL first seed showcased clean team fighting with great patience and good flanks.

Although T1 were prevented from utilizing their win condition of global ultimates with Faker’s Twisted Fate and Keria’s Shen, the team was still able to punch back with a clever team fight. EDG wanted to force T1 to come to them by forcing Baron, but the LCK second seed managed to navigate around it, utilizing their poke. The Korean representatives saw the window and took it; poked out EDG, took Baron for themselves and finished with a two-three teamfight in their favor. But one good play wasn’t enough—EDG’s gold lead was too large.

A rivalry founded on the denying of glory from each side, EDG denied T1 a MSI 2015 finals win and T1 prevented EDG from getting out of Worlds groups in 2017. Both teams are still looking to take home the international crown. This would be EDG’s first Worlds win and for T1, this would be the fourth.

EDG look to continue the sole position of first place in Group A when they face off against DetonatioN FocusMe on Oct. 13.

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