EDG Scout awarded MVP in 2021 Worlds Finals series against DWG KIA

It's Scout's turn on the throne.

Photo by Clive Rose/Riot Games via Getty Images

After years of trial and error between two teams across two different regions, Scout can not only call himself a world champion, but also the MVP of the series that earned EDward Gaming their first Summoner’s Cup at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship.

Scout’s opposition in DWG KIA, last year’s world champions, seemed not to find the mid laner needed as much attention during the pick/ban phase throughout the series, instead focusing on Viper and Jiejie’s champion pools in their roles. While these players remained vital to EDG’s success, providing Scout full access to his arsenal of champions proved detrimental to DWG and helped him climb the ladder and claim that spot as the series MVP.

EDG’s mid laner fought valiantly against his former world champion opposition, leveraging what was expected to be a one-sided series and ensuring EDG remained in the fight for the title. He made his presence felt on Summoner’s Rift from game one, forcing ShowMaker away from his comfort picks and onto Malzahar, a safer champion that doesn’t align heavily with his playstyle. Scout’s control over his lane opponent continued into the remainder of the series, but his real impact was felt in team fights.

Scout’s Zoe had a vital role in the great success EDG found in the final few games. Though the mid lane meta during this Worlds remained rather limited, Zoe continuously stood out as a powerful pick many teams opted into. Between landing vital Sleepy Trouble Bubbles and bursting down DWG’s carries with ease, Scout’s Zoe highlighted EDG’s hope and drive to defeat the reigning world champions.

The LPL once again reigns supreme after falling to the LCK last year, with the six-time LPL champions EDG claiming their first Worlds title in the team’s history over DWG. With the rest of his team at his side, Scout leads the pack as the MVP of the series as a culmination of the effort he has contributed to the team in his long career.

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