DragonX win the battle for third place in LCK, ending KT Rolster’s 8-game win streak

There goes the KT hype train.

Photo via Riot Games

DragonX was on form in Korea’s LCK today, dominating KT Rolster in back-to-back games after a downward spiral in form in March that saw them lose multiple series and fall to third in the league. 

It looked like KT had a fighting chance, after crawling back from the bottom of the tables. But it wasn’t to be. Despite winning eight straight matches, they were outclassed by DRX. In both games, KT opted for late-game team compositions, but instead of biding their time and waiting to scale, they chose to fight.

DRX’s superior mechanics led to the team barely dropping a kill after a quick, clean, and methodical early game. Deft and Keria outgunned KT’s bot lane duo, and Doran put SoHwan’s Ornn to shame in the top lane.

If KT took a more sensible approach and played to their comp’s win conditions, it could have made a difference, but after unnecessary overaggression, they lost the series in under 60 minutes. 

DRX has had promising performances in the LCK, but they haven’t been as consistent as Gen.G and T1. The team has some of the best rookies in the league in jungler Pyosik and support Keria, but teamwork has been their weakness.

It’s still a work in progress for the team, but if DRX keeps up their high standards and continues to play to their strengths, they could have a shot at winning the spring playoffs. If that’s not to be though, there’s always the summer. 

DRX face off against Gen.G on Saturday, April 4, for what could be one of their toughest matchups yet.