Doran steals Rift Herald with trick shot Gnar boomerang during LCK game against DRX

KT would go on to lose the game, though.

Image via Riot Games

During today’s 2021 LCK Spring Split match between KT Rolster and DRX, KT’s top laner Doran stole the Rift Herald early on in the game with a boomerang trick shot on Gnar.

DRX jungler Pyosik, playing his trademark Udyr, dealt a strong majority of the damage to the Rift Herald but ultimately missed his smite when the objective only had 368 health remaining. 

That ended up being just enough for Doran’s Boomerang Throw (Q) to deal the final blow to the Rift Herald. Doran had been lying in wait the entire time Pyosik was solo killing the Rift Herald. And at the last possible moment, he threw his boomerang in the opposite direction—toward the top lane—so that the backswing of the skill shot would travel toward the Rift Herald. This occurs because Gnar’s boomerang travels much farther behind him if the player chooses not to catch it when it’s returning. 

Unfortunately, in Doran’s case, no KT players were in the area and able to secure the Eye of the Herald buff for the team. And considering Pyosik was still in the area with full health and a level advantage over Doran, the KT top laner couldn’t contest the buff. At the very least, Doran was able to prevent the objective from falling into the hands of Pyosik and DRX. 

But his efforts weren’t heroic enough. DRX went on to win the League of Legends game in 27 minutes and eventually took down KT 2-1 in the series. 

Both teams will return to the LCK stage later this weekend when KT face off against T1 on March 6 and DRX take on Fredit BRION on March 7.

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