DetonatioN FocusMe signs former Fredit BRION mid laner Yaharong

DFM has found a replacement for Aria.

Image via DFM

The LJL’s DetonatioN FocusMe has confirmed the signing of mid laner “Yaharong” Chan-ju following Lee “Aria” Ga-eul’s departure from the team in December 2021. This will be the first time Yaharong has played outside of South Korea.

Yaharong has been playing League of Legends professionally since 2016, but he made a name for himself when he signed for Jin Air Green Wings a year later. In 2019, the team was relegated to Korea’s second division, Challenger Korea.

The mid laner spent 2021 playing for Fredit BRION but was left to share the role with Lee “Chieftain” Jae-yub, and Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon. The team finished the LCK 2021 Spring and Summer splits with a 5-13 record, placing ninth and 10th.

The LJL will kick off next month on Feb. 11. The schedule for the league has yet to be revealed by Riot Games Japan.

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