Combining Sion and Ryze’s ultimates is the newest wombo combo to try in League

Ryze ulting a Nunu into the enemy team is old news.

Image via Riot Games

Have you ever had the pleasure of being on the wrong end of a Sion ultimate? Yeah, us too. It sucks.

Now imagine if that Sion could also teleport. Yes, we’re scared, and yes, we’ll have nightmares.

That’s exactly the sort of hellish creation that a duo on the League of Legends Reddit community came up with today. Using a properly-timed Ryze ultimate, they popped a charging Sion behind a tower and behind a very unlucky Lux. It went about as poorly as you’d imagine for the Lux.

Now, if you want to try this out yourself with a friend, we don’t blame you. For everyone other than Lux, this play looks incredibly fun, so we tried it out ourselves. Timing is everything, as Ryze’s ult has a significant cast time, but there’s another factor you can’t forget (that we overlooked a couple of times), too.

Ryze’s ult spits you out in the same position within the circle that you were in when it teleported. So if you’re Sion, and Ryze’s ult teleports you when you hit the left edge of the circle, you’ll appear on the left side of the circle when teleported. The circumference of the circle is pretty large, too, so if you’re not exactly where you want to be within it, you can whiff your target by a wide mile. Again, speaking from experience here.

If you pull it off, though, you’re looking at one of the most satisfying wombo combos in the game, and certainly an extremely creative one. Props to the creator behind the idea, but we’ll probably hate you at least a little bit throughout the next 50 solo queue games we play filled with people trying (and failing) to pull this off.