Championship Ashe, Your Shop, and more kickass stuff now available in League of Legends

Skins, emotes, and more included in the content bombshell dropped by Riot today.

Image via Riot Games

The 2017 Worlds skin—Championship Ashe—is officially available for purchase. That’s not all, either. Your Shop also returned today, and Worlds-themed emote bundles made their debut as well.

When Championship Ashe arrived on the PBE last month, we were in awe of the baddassery of the skin. Some players were concerned, though, because between Heartseeker and Project Ashe, it would be hard to choose which of her cool skins to play. That’s not exactly a bad dilemma to have, though.

You could look at Jarvan, Illaoi, Ryze, or any other champion that either has one skin or hasn’t had a new skin in years, and then suddenly, Ashe having too many good skins is a little less depressing.

She costs 1350 RP, and she’s worth every penny.

Akin to last year’s Championship Zed, 25 percent of all Championship Ashe skin sales will go directly to the Worlds prize pool. That means buying it will directly support your favorite Worlds teams. Also, this year, after Worlds is over, Riot will match that 25 percent and also donate it to charity.

Your Shop also made its triumphant return today, giving you more excuses to pour your hard-earned cash into the game. Your Shop is the customized list of skin sales tailored to each individual player, and typically it only resurfaces with special events like Lunar Revel. This time, it seems like it’s around to celebrate the arrival of Worlds to Summoner’s Rift, just like Championship Ashe.

As always, Your Shop has a chance to give you a sale on a discontinued or legacy skin. If that happens, you’re able to purchase that discontinued skin for the duration of Your Shop in the client until Oct. 4.

Worlds-themed emote bundles, including emotes and icons for your favorite teams, also arrived in the shop. Pick some up to support your favorite teams, and with the emotes (even if you don’t have a mastery emote on whatever champion you play) you’ll still be able to flex to BM your opponents. At least, until Worlds is over.