Camille, Chemtech Dragon Soul planned to be nerfed in League Patch 11.24

Enjoy the current state of the Chemtech Dragon's revive mechanic while you can.

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The first patch of the 2022 League of Legends preseason is just around the corner and it seems to address some of the biggest offenders of the changes this preseason has brought by ensuring that their power does not carry over into the beginning of the new season.

Phlox, the designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League, revealed multiple nerfs planned to scale back some of the new features added to the 2022 preseason, as well as one champion that has dominated the map thanks to these changes. This is the first patch to address issues introduced in the preseason but not the last before the official start of the 2022 season.

Camille is listed to be the sole recipient of nerfs in Patch 11.24, and that’s for good reason. Though she’s been a strong pick in the top lane for most of 2021, the discovery of new build paths and foregoing of Flash for Ignite has enabled her to stand out this preseason. Accompanied by the new drakes and Rifts, Camille’s potential for burst damage, sustain, and mobility has set her far above other top lane choices, so she will be receiving a nerf in some capacity.

Both Predator and Glacial Augment are also planned to receive nerfs in Patch 11.24. Predator has long been a viable keystone for junglers that provides ample mobility to already-mobile and immobile champions, so this nerf will likely open up other keystone rune choices for these champions. Glacial Augment, on the other hand, received a massive overhaul in preseason that has enabled champions across the map to forego their usual keystone rune choices in favor of the improved slow offered by this rune. Since Glacial Augment has been seeing such a widespread usage that limits build possibilities for certain champions, its slow effect will likely be reduced.

Three Mythic items and one Legendary item are listed as part of the Patch 11.24 nerfs, some of which are new items introduced in the preseason. Both Crown of the Shattered Queen and Evenshroud, new Mythic item options for mages and tanks respectively, have enabled certain champions to become a bit too strong in many areas, and have also phased out the usage of other Mythic items for these types of champions. Due to Glacial Augments prevalence around the Rift, Frostfire Gauntlet has seen a surge in usage due to the additional slow it grants, as well as stopping opponents from fighting back due to the massive stat increases to armor, magic resist, and health that it grants. Cosmic Drive is working a bit too well with Crown of the Shattered Queen because of the movement speed it offers champions, so it will also be receiving a nerf.

While the Chemtech Dragon’s buff is being nerfed, this new Dragon’s change of the Rift that comes alongside a team receiving its Soul has been very problematic. With the Chemtech Dragon Soul, the team that secures it will be revived for a short duration after dying—much like Sion’s passive. Champions that capitalize on life steal have been able to take advantage of this second life to continue their path of destruction, however, rather than stay alive momentarily like the Soul states that they should. Although the extent of this nerf is unclear, the Chemtech Dragon Soul may not enable these champions to rampage in their zombie form for much longer.

League Patch 11.24, the first patch after the launch of the 2022 preseason, is expected to release on Dec. 8. The nerfs detailed in this patch preview may change before their release on live servers. The full details of these nerfs are expected to be explained in the coming days.

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