Breakdown of current contracts around the globe

-zero players contracted past the this year and the only coach with a contract past 2016 is Giants Coach Lozark who is signed till January 1 2017




 – zero players contracted past the this year and the only coach with a contract past 2016 is Giants Coach Lozark who is signed till January 1 2017

Players that are signed till after Spring split ,but before summer split begins.

-Players that would fit this description by team listed by summoner names


Relinquished, Tornell – May 1st


Vizility, Imbanar April 30th


Vizicsacsi-April 30th 

H0R0, Critbud- May 25th


SirNukesAlot, Trowen, P1noy, Soren, Wickd -June 1st

Big Midseason Free agent moves could be Vizicacsi, Soren, and P1noy. Picking up or letting them go could change the landscape of the EU summer LCS

Interesting facts

Every EU Challenger team not named the Copenhagen Wolves had their players signed till the end of 2016

The last contracts of the year end on November 21st

Fnatic structured their contracts so Rekkles contract ends 5 and 6 days before his teammates.


Players are split between 2016 and 2017 contracts and only 3 players have contracts expiring after spring and before the end of Summer.


KonKwon – May 1st


Caedrel – May 1st

Flaresz – June 26th Summer split should be in progress

KonKwon being contracted a half year less than his teammates is interesting


Cloud 9- only 2 players contracts end in 2016 Meteos and Rush

CLG – All players contracts end 2017 after season 7 finals

EchoFox – Only player that contract is longer then 2016 is Grigne

TL – Only player that contract ends in 2017 is Lourlo

NRG, TIP,  Renegages, and  Immortals- No 2017 ending contracts

Dignitas – Has 4 players contracted past 2016 Kirei, Apollo, Kiwikid, Smittyj

TSM – Bjergsen signed to 2018 everyone else on team end of 2016

No Data on NACS teams ,but Riot gave contract info for EUCS


-Has really standardized contracts where they all end in 2016 the exception to this is Crown

Samsung Galaxy

Crown – November 2017

What I like about the LCK is contracts end on the same day which makes it way easier to keep track of it all.



The China contracts go as far out as 2021 when i asked Kelsey Moser why contracts went this far. She replied with “because buyouts are not uncommon.”

I am inconclusive on the data for LPL .

The players get huge contracts in the LPL due to many of the owners being so rich they can overspend on players. This caused what was called the korean exodus in 2015. China imported so many Korean players ,but in the end the Korean team SKT won the season 5 world championship.

Possible midseason free agents

HYGxQ – June 2016

QGUzi -May 2016

IG wasn’t updated  as they all have January 2015 end dates



XG, AHQ, M17, FW – all players contracted to end of 2017

TPA – All expire April 2016 except their sub FoFo which expires at the end of the year.

HKE – only lists 3 players could be misinformation

HKE Stanley- March 2016

HKE Dinter – June 2016


MSE SkuLL – March 2016

MSE Kaiwing – March 2016

MSE Payne – March 2016

MSE Ninuo – February 2016 may be expired ,but was prob renewed as he is still a starter.


Well this was the Cliff notes version of the Global contract database found on

I apologize to the LPL fans data was all over the place and many more expired contracts listed then any other region.

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