Best Yasuo counters in League of Legends

Here's how to counter one of the most popular champions in the game.

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Yasuo is one of the most frustrating champions to play against in League of Legends.

He’s tremendously popular and heavily reliant on skill, meaning you won’t always find the best players picking him in solo queue. Once he’s picked by an inexperienced player, defeating Yasuo shouldn’t be much of a problem.

When playing against well-versed Yasuo players, though, winning the matchup can be difficult to accomplish. It’s important to try to catch him off-guard when he naturally overextends with E or tries to poke you with his Q.

Here are some of the best Yasuo counters in League of Legends, according to stats site


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Annie is one of the best champions against Yasuo, and the stats confirm it. Currently, she currently boasts a 56.46 percent win rate when faced against the champion. The key in this matchup is to use your basic attacks to lower Yasuo’s shield. Then, once you’re in position, stun him and deal as much damage as possible. Once you hit level six, a perfectly timed Tibbers should allow you to burst Yasuo down in most cases.


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Yasuo excels in the mid lane when he’s given the opportunity to land Qs on his enemies. But he’s relatively squishy, which means trading with him isn’t out of the question. Pantheon is one of the best counters to him in this scenario. When Yasuo attempts to fight with you in lane, land a stun and a few auto attacks. Aim to purchase Ninja Tabis as soon as possible and dodge Yasuo’s incoming abilities. If you’re successful, you will be able to punish him and put him on the backfoot. Pantheon currently has a 56.36 percent win rate against Yasuo.


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Anivia is similar to Annie when it comes to countering Yasuo. When you’re picking this champion against Yasuo, you have everything you need to thrive in the early game. Once Yasuo oversteps, try to hit him with a stun and unleash your combo. Watch out for his tornados, though. Anivia currently has a 53.56 percent win rate when matched with Yasuo in the mid lane.


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Yasuo has a hard time laning against tanks. Galio’s survivability and early damage make the champion a strong counter to Yasuo. At level six, if you find yourself trailing behind for whatever reason, look to roam and catch out your opponents with your ultimate. Galio currently boasts a 53.45 percent win rate against Yasuo.


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Zeri has a 53.25 percent win rate against Yasuo. Her high mobility allows her to dodge Yasuo’s poke. Zeri’s kit is also exceptionally valuable when it comes to trading with him. And, if you find yourself reaching the late game, you should pose a threat to him. There should almost never be a time in the game when he’s more dangerous than you—unless he’s ridiculously fed.

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