Best Teemo skins in League of Legends

"Captain Teemo on duty!"

Image via Riot Games

There’s a case to be made that Teemo is the most famous League of Legends champion of all-time. With his trademark green hat, infamous laugh, and known-far-and-wide mushrooms, even people who don’t play League recognize Teemo. 

Beyond his iconic base look, though, Teemo has a wide array of skins and cosmetic options that practically turn him into an entirely different character in-game. Since he was one of the game’s original champions, being released alongside League’s launch in 2009, Teemo has over a dozen skins to choose from. From superhero, to bumblebee, field squad leader, and so many other options, Teemo wears many hats—literally. 

Here are five of our favorite Teemo skins in League of Legends

Super Teemo

Image via Riot Games

Back when Teemo only had a few skins to his name, Super Teemo was easily the champion’s best. Complete with a new model, updated ability effects, and superhero-themed sound effects, Super Teemo was a top-tier skin when it was first released. Even today, nearly a decade after the skin’s launch, Super Teemo holds up as one of the best options the champion has at his disposal. Also, this skin marked the first time Teemo put his trademark hat to the sideline and exposed his furry head, so there’s a bit of League history attached to it, too.  

Omega Squad Teemo

Image via Riot Games

Maybe the first skin to give Teemo, League’s most whimsical champion, a serious vibe, Omega Squad Teemo is perfect for players who like to apply a bit of an edge to their League experience. Complete with updated looks to all of his abilities, and a brand new voice-over that makes it sound like Teemo is speaking through a portable radio, Omega Squad Teemo truly takes the champion to the front lines of combat. His dart shooter also looks like a sniper rifle in this skin, which feels so out of character for a cute Yordle like Teemo, but we’re not really complaining. 

Spirit Blossom Teemo

Image via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Teemo is easily the champion’s prettiest skin. With a visually-pleasing pink and blue color scheme that applies to both his model and abilities, Teemo’s Spirit Blossom skin gives him a look that’s easy on the eyes. Perhaps the most stunning visual detail of this skin comes in the form of Teemo’s darts and auto-attacks, which look like small, spectral bolts of energy from another dimension more so than anything physical or corporeal.


Image via Riot Games

Maybe the most creative skin in Teemo’s arsenal, Beemo truly gives the character a brand new identity—one deserving of an alternate name. In this skin, his poison dart shooter takes on the appearance of a honey wand, while the actual darts themselves are fashioned like squirts of honey. To cap the skin off, Teemo’s mushrooms appear as full-blown honeycombs, exploding with a swarm of bees when they’re stepped on. 

Firecracker Teemo

Image via Riot Games

Teemo’s newest skin is easily one of his all-time cutest, appearinf as a small cat with a charming little red and gold hat. His poison darts and mushrooms each explode with subdued fireworks and bright colors in this skin, similarly to skins like Dragonwing Corki and Firecracker Jinx.