Best Seraphine build in League of Legends

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Seraphine has been making waves on the Rift since she made her stage debut in League of Legends alongside the talented K-Pop group, K/DA. While the mage champion was primarily targeted toward adding to the mid-lane pool, many aspects of her kit have made her more viable in the support role for some time.

Yet compared to other supports, Seraphine often falls short. Her W shield has an incredibly long cooldown at all ranks, making Karma a much better option to do the same thing quicker. What Seraphine does possess, however, is tremendous poke with her Q and passive, as well as game-changing crowd control as part of her E and ultimate.

Seraphine has unfortunately fallen far out of the meta in favor of more consistent enchanters but remains a very powerful pick in the hands of players not scared to give their enemies an encore.

Here is the best build for Seraphine in League.

Best runes for Seraphine

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Keystone—Summon Aery: Seraphine’s role as an enchanter support is held back by a long cooldown on her W, which is the only way she can offer support to her allies. Luckily, she has enough poke in her kit that Summon Aery can be used both offensively and defensively in lane and in team fights.

Manaflow Band: The excessive mana costs on all of Seraphine’s abilities prevent her from spamming them despite their low cooldowns. Manaflow Band helps to compensate for these mana costs, particularly in the early game, though items will help to make this a non-factor later on.

Transcendence: Seraphine already has very low cooldowns on her abilities, but Transcendence helps her spam them even more. She’ll also be rewarded with the rune’s increased cooldown effect upon reaching level 11.

Gathering Storm: The Starry-Eyed Songstress wants to be poking-out her enemies as much as she can for her allies. Yet as a support, Seraphine won’t often be building items that dramatically increase her ability to deal damage. Gathering Storm helps to compensate for this a little bit, helping her damage contend with others as the game continues.


Biscuit Delivery: Like most enchanters/poke mages, Seraphine is very frail at all points of the game and is susceptible to large bursts of damage that will send her back to the fountain. Alongside health potions, biscuits give her a bit of her health back for free, as well as recharge some of her mana and give her a little bit more over time.

Cosmic Insight: Outside of Ability Haste, Seraphine thrives on chipping away at enemies with summoner spells like Ignite or Exhaust, or getting out of bad situations with Flash. Cosmic Insight helps decrease the cooldown of these summoner spells, as well as lowers the cooldowns on Seraphine’s active items—though she may not find the time to build them in every game.

Bonuses: +9 Adaptive Force, +9 Adaptive Force, +6 Armor

Best starting items for Seraphine

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Spellthief’s Edge: This support item rewards Seraphine with extra gold for poking her enemies with attacks and abilities. Successfully stacking this item enough will give Seraphine access to more Stealth Wards, which will better help her allies gain insight on enemy locations.

Health potions: While Seraphine does have a Redemption-like heal on her empowered W, it has a long cooldown and requires multiple abilities to activate. Players should opt for health potions on multiple backs in the early game to better assist Seraphine’s survivability.

Stealth Ward: The key to success as a support is efficient warding. As Seraphine, players should keep a close eye on the bot-side river and dragon pit using Stealth Wards to give their teammates valuable information on enemy positioning. This will also help to allow mid-game ganks from top or mid laners.

Best core items for Seraphine

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Moonstone Renewner: With how often Seraphine will be throwing her passive attacks and abilities at enemies, Moonstone Renewer makes too much sense to build first. Seraphine is able to proc Moonstone Renewer off of every part of her kit, making it a great item to further increase her support capabilities outside of waiting for her W to finish its cooldown.

Chemtech Putrifer: Significant access to poke damage makes Chemtech Outrifier a great buy after completing her Mythic item. Those hit by her abilities will be inflicted with Grievous Wounds, which reduces all healing they receive for a short duration. This also provides Seraphine with a large boost to her mana regeneration, allowing her to use her abilities with fewer drawbacks.

Staff of Flowing Waters: Seraphine’s team-wide shield and heal on her W allow for items like Staff of Flowing Waters to impact all of her allies at once. This item in particular will give all affected a boost to their damage, including herself, while also providing Seraphine with more mana regeneration.

Best late-game items for Seraphine

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Ardent Censer: Another great enchanter item for Seraphine is Ardent Censer. This item, since it is more suitable for fast-attacking champions, should not often be prioritized before Staff of Flowing Waters, but can be useful when near all your allies in team fights.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter: While this build may be focused on Seraphine’s supportive capabilities, some damage-centric items actually improve her ability to help her allies. When using her E while having a Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Seraphine will bypass the need for her empowered E to root or stun enemies. Instead, she can do so with one cast. This item will also allow her allies to catch up to enemies that may be trying to escape.

Mikael’s Blessing: Against teams that have access to crowd control, Mikael’s Blessing is a must-build. This item will temporarily cleanse her allies from almost all disabling effects as well as heal them for a portion of their health. Seraphine can also use this on herself if she is caught out, allowing her to escape and use important abilities like her W and ultimate.