Best mid lane Singed build in League of Legends

"How about a drink?"

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Sit down, relax, and take a dive into the Noxious Slipstream with Zaun’s notorious mad scientist, Singed. The crazed chemist has been a mainstay for many League of Legends top laners around the world, but recently, he has found a new home in the mid lane.

Fast-moving and ferociously annoying to deal with, Singed can be great champion to help zone enemies from different objectives, while also providing some great crowd control and pick potential with his Fling. If a player successfully concocts the perfect combination between Singed’s abilities and select items, he’ll become a menace that you won’t even be able to chase.

Here is the best mid lane Singed build in League for season 12.


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Predator: Speed is the name of the game for Singed in the mid lane. With a collection of different movement speed boosters built into his kit, he can run around to different teamfights around the map. His poison also makes it easy to clear out and push waves into the opposing laner’s turret, giving him the chance to roam alongside his jungler to gank a lane and get his teammates ahead.

Cheap Shot: Singed has plenty of ways to slow down, root, and throw his enemies. As a result, Cheap Shot works perfectly, since the bonus true damage activates on any champion whose movement is impaired.

Eyeball Collection: Singed should be getting his hands dirty as much as possible, since his movement speed allows him to join a teamfight at a moments notice. With this rune, his damage will scale a bit better into the later stages of the game, but only if he gets busier with eliminations.

Ultimate Hunter: In teamfights, Singed’s ultimate ability is important to help him zone control with his Poison Trail, since it allows him to zoom across the Summoner’s Rift while keeping the ability up and running. His speed makes him hard to lock down, which means that enemy team compositions need to avoid his trail while also fighting against the four other players.


Celerity: Celerity directly affects the various bonus movement speed that Singed gets from his other items and runes, boosting it up by seven percent while also gaining an extra one percent move speed.

Waterwalking: This rune helps Singed’s roaming capabilities, increasing his movement speed by 25 whenever he walks into the river. He’ll be able to fight a bit better in the jungle as well, since Waterwalking also gives bonus adaptive damage.

Bonuses: +nine adaptive force, +nine adaptive force, +eight magic resist


Starting items: Boots, refillable potion

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By starting with boots, Singed gets access to Predator right at level one. This can be a deadly starting burst out of the gate, since you can catch an isolated enemy off-guard for an early pick. It can be a bit risky, because if you don’t find anyone to kill, then the lane will be a harder to deal with. This is, however, one of the best ways to gain an early advantage.

Core items: Boots of Swiftness, Riftmaker, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Demonic Embrace

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All three of Singed’s core items work perfectly in tandem with his Poison Trail. Riftmaker deals three percent bonus damage for each second in combat with champions, stacks up to three times, and converts all of the bonus damage dealt into true damage. For a champion that loves extended teamfights, it is a deadly combo for anyone standing in the gas for too long.

Meanwhile, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter causes Singed’s poison to slow all affected enemies down, and Demonic Embrace burns them to a crisp. Altogether, the three items create a toxic brew of destruction that is almost impossible to avoid once Singed gets into the swing of things.

Final items: Dead Man’s Plate, Shadowflame

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Dead Man’s Plate is another movement speed item that also gives Singed some tankiness. It also gives him another form of crowd control with its Shipwrecker passive. Shadowflame, on the other hand, helps Singed burn through shielded targets during a teamfight.