The best League of Legends cosplays ever made

Let's take a look at the best talent from the cosplay community.

Photo via Marcus Photography, Cosplay via None Industries

At eight years old, League of Legends is no longer a young game. And over the years, it’s built up a huge selection of champions: more than 130 characters, all with their own distinctive personality and lore.

Combining that with a rabid fanbase and you get some truly epic cosplay opportunities.

You’ll see them at any major League event, but at also at gaming conventions around the world. Riot even pays cosplayers to attend certain events to help generate hype around the game.

Some are better than others, of course. And these are the best of the best.


Photo via [Kinpatsu Cosplay](

Cosplayer Kinpatsu Cosplay

The Vastaya Rebel, Xayah, is captured beautifully with this cosplay by Kinpatsu. We especially love the detail that went into her wing to make the cosplay feel authentic to the original design.

Project Camille

Photo via [Marcus Photographer](
Photo via [Foto Czarny](

Cosplayer: NONA Industries

This Project Camille cosplay captures the elegance of the champion and even features fully moving parts to make it feel authentic and alive. The amount of detail that went into the costume is amazing.

Aether Wing Kayle

Photo via [Riot Games](

Cosplayer: Elmins Cosplay

This Kayle cosplay is one of the biggest cosplays ever made. Elim stated that it usually takes 90 minutes to get the cosplay on before he can walk around with it, so you know a lot of love went into this breathtaking cosplay. The wings fully light up and move. A bit impractical, but amazing to look at regardless.


Photo via [Mike Wilkinson](

Cosplayer: Kalli Mack Cosplay

That hammer of hers packs a big punch. The overall detail in this Poppy design from the hammer to the buckler is insane. Credit really goes to the attire, however—the scratches on the armor and diamond designs on the costume really make the cosplay come alive.

Arcade Miss Fortune

Photo via [Soul Works Photography](

Cosplayer: J Tanooki

This cosplay pays homage to one of Miss Fortune’s alternative skins, and it’s just superb. The individual details, such as the individual pixels that went into the costume and weapons speak for themselves, with the gameboy a nice added touch.


Photo via [Deerstalker Pictures](

Cosplayer: Robb Props & Cosplay

This cosplay features fully functioning robotics to make it come to life. The arm moves on his shoulder, the staff lights up and even the hand has fully functioning LEDs that change colors with the suit. It is a work of art that makes Victor all the more terrifying.


Phot via [Lunerlily Cosplay](

Cosplayer: Rage Kitten Cosplay

“Punch first. Ask questions while punching.” This Vi cosplay is shockingly accurate all the way down to the oversized hands. The cosplayer locked onto the exact details of the champion, such as her weapons and her personality and knocked it out of the park.


Photo via [Adam R Thomas](

Cosplayer: PsychoAngelCosplay

The cosplayer truly captures the psychotic nature of Jinx. From the long hair, to the tattoos and even the weapons, there isn’t a shred of detail that has gone unmissed.