Best Gwen counters in League of Legends

She's not immune to these counter picks.

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Gwen was released in League of Legends in April last year, however, she has since cemented herself as one of the best top laners in the game, both in terms of solo laning and in the late game.

With her unique skills, players can easily make it through the laning phase without a scratch. Even if they fall behind, her kit allows them to make a nice comeback later on in the game by being an exceptional split-pusher.

That being said, Gwen still has some counters that make her game miserable from start to finish.

Here are some of the best Gwen counters in League of Legends, according to stats site


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Nowadays, Singed is rarely seen in lists like this, but when it comes to coming out on top against Gwen, he’s one of the best picks in League. His survivability and Fling (E) allow him to distance himself from Gwen when she’s going for skirmishes in lane. What’s more, The Mad Chemist’s Poison Trail (Q) is an ability that allows you to wave clear and be a pain in the neck for Gwen. Her immunity won’t be of much aid in this match-up, which is an additional pro regarding Singed. Currently, he has a 67.86 percent win rate against Gwen.


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Despite being heralded as one of the most overpowered champions in the game, Akshan made a name for himself as an exceptional top laner, which is the area of Summoner’s Rift in which he belongs the best. Against Gwen, Akshan has numerous tools that will allow him to make it safely through the early game (grapple hook and ranged auto attacks). In the latter stages of the game, you should be able to safely counter her split pushing, and in the teamfights, you may have a bigger impact thanks to your revival skill. Akshan sits at a 64.52 percent win rate versus Gwen.


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If you’re looking for a champion in League that can match Gwen in a one-vs-one duel, Volibear is a solid pick. His sustain and burst potential, especially post-level six, make him one of the better champions to go toe to toe with Gwen. ith proper setup, you’ll oftentimes come out on top. Currently, Volibear has a 64 percent win rate versus Gwen.


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In regard to Riven, her case is very similar to Volibear’s. Great one-vs-one potential and high burst make skilled Riven players one of the most dangerous opponents you can meet in the game. What’s more, Riven’s mobility allows her to dodge Gwen’s ultimate needles, and if you do that in fights post level six, you should be ready to claim the victory in solo duels. Riven has a 62.38 percent win rate when facing Gwen.


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Last but not least, we have another admirable fighter who can stand his own against Gwen. With Yone, you should be able to pressure her in the lane. And in the late-game teamfights, Yone players will have a bigger potential if the correct setup is there. All in all, if you want to defeat Gwen, the Unforgotten is an exceptional pick. Right now, he boasts a 58.11 win rate versus her.

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