Best bottom lane Seraphine counters in League

Put a pause to the music.

Image via Riot Games

Seraphine has become one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, both on Summoner’s Rift and on the music charts of Runeterra. Her ability kit has a whole plethora of utility that can help her team in almost any situation, from massive heals to lane-wide crowd control. She has even found a new place within the game’s meta as a bottom lane carry.

There are, however, many players who aren’t a fan of Seraphine’s work as an artist or a champion. Whether they hate how difficult she can be to play against or they simply don’t enjoy seeing or hearing her as they climb the ranks, there are only a couple of options at their disposal: ban her or choose a counter pick.

The Starry-Eyed Songstress has plenty of range at her disposal and can also lock down multiple foes at once with her massive area-of-effect CC spells. A few champions can battle back against this threat, though.

Here are the best bottom lane counters for bottom lane Seraphine.


Image via Riot Games

As one of the most agile AD carries in the game, Samira’s superior movement capabilities make her a tough match for Seraphine, who needs to control her opponents with range and crowd control. If Samira can get into melee range of Seraphine, it’ll be hard for the mage to hit any skill shots reliably, especially with her Blade Whirl as a last resort to destroy any projectiles.

Samira also has a ton of burst-like damage, which should pose a problem for Seraphine’s early healing numbers. She just needs to stay mobile as she bobs and weaves around the fight, avoiding any damaging spells that might be coming her way.


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Sivir can push waves in with ease while also remaining relatively safe from harm with her spell shield. With the right support, she can trade against Seraphine in lane with a well-placed Boomerang Blade, can negate any crowd control as she dives forward for a possible trade, and is relatively fast-moving with her Fleet of Foot passive giving her bonus movement speed during fights.


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Runeterra’s favorite executioner is a nightmare for Seraphine since he can slice away almost any contender with a few good items. Draven will also be healing a lot from his auto attacks on top of any items he picks up, and he’ll have a ton of upfront damage that will overwhelm the healing that Seraphine’s Surround Sound ability can provide. There’s always a chance that Draven will run forward and go for a spicy all-in, and he’ll out-damage Seraphine more times than not.


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Tristana can be taken advantage of in the early game by Seraphine since the Megling Gunner has relatively low range, but if she ever jumps forward and places a bomb on Seraphine’s head, know that the songstress will need to play miraculously to survive—or that she’ll need to buy a Stopwatch. Tristana’s jump makes her tough to keep down, while the rest of her kit provides a good amount of burst that should put some fear in the enemy team moving forward.


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As another slippery foe in the bottom lane, Nilah provides a similar conundrum that Samira does where she can zip from enemy to enemy before attacking. As a result, Seraphine will struggle to lock down this watery fast-mover with her two dashes and massive AoE ultimate ability, Apotheosis. If Seraphine is wishing for success, she’ll need to find it through the early game where she and her lane partner can try to take down Nilah with superior range.