Best Bel’Veth counters in League of Legends

Push back the Lavender Sea with some of these champions.

Image via Riot Games

Bel’Veth, the newest League of Legends champion, has finally taken her place on the Summoner’s Rift as a deadly jungler that brings a ton of damage, speed, and mobility for team compositions. She can be frighteningly strong, especially in the late-game when she is able to get items to further boost her attack speed.

However, there are plenty of ways to battle the Empress of the Void. Some champions need to take advantage of any weakness she has—even this monstrous creature isn’t infallible. Some picks can help take her down early enough that she isn’t able to ramp up, while others have kits that can outplay her in lane and fights.

Here are the best Bel’Veth counters in League.


Image via Riot Games

Since Bel’Veth relies on her dashes to reposition herself for ganks and teamfights, Taliyah is a great counter. She can throw down her Unraveled Earth to cut off any angles of attack the Empress can take. If Bel’Veth is caught in the field, she either has to walk through like a sitting duck or get stunned by using a dash. Taliyah also has a knock-up to either bring her into the team for a quick kill or send her flying back for a disengage.


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In a similar way, Poppy has some great anti-mobility tools that can lock down Bel’Veth in a teamfight, like her Steadfast Presence. She can also carry her away from her teammates with Heroic Charge, and ultimately, can send her flying back to her base with Keeper’s Verdict. If Bel’Veth can’t maintain the right range to deal damage with auto-attacks, her effectiveness is reduced by a significant amount in any skirmish.


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Rammus is a very tanky champion with plenty of crowd control, which is a nightmare for Bel’Veth since she scales with attack speed. The Armordillo’s Defensive Ball Curl is a great tool against an auto-attacking champion like the empress, and he can even build Thornmail to increase the amount of self-damage that she inflicts whenever she auto-attacks him. Additionally, Rammus can engage right on top of her with his ultimate ability and taunt her so he can soak up all the damage while his allies take her down.


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If Jax finds himself against Bel’Veth at any point in the game, he can pop his Counter-Strike ability to dodge all of her auto-attack damage, then jump at her stun her while he does a massive amount of damage. Bel’Veth doesn’t move too quickly, which means if a team can lock her in place they can burst her down, if she hasn’t built any durability items.

Xin Zhao

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Strong early game junglers like Xin Zhao can make life hard for Bel’Veth players, because she isn’t that powerful in the opening moments of a game. She needs to scale up in power before being able to do anything for her team, which means that a couple of invades could set her back far enough that she isn’t able to catch up anymore. This does require a team that can snowball a lead successfully, but the first step can always be taken through champion select with a good counterpick.