BeryL leads DWG KIA to a win over SANDBOX in 2021 LCK Spring Split

His decisive engages and map control helped DK secure this clean 2-0 sweep.

Photo via Riot Games

DWG KIA beat Liiv SANDBOX 2-0 today in the fourth week of the 2021 LCK Spring Split off the back of an amazing performance from their support, BeryL.

All odds were against SANDBOX going into this League of Legends series considering DK’s dominant form throughout the current split. While SANDBOX are struggling to get out of 10th place, DK are sitting comfortably in first place.

BeryL was the star of this series with his impressive Rell and Alistar performances. He showed how to play League’s latest support correctly and how to play against her as well throughout the day. His engages on both champions were superb, helping DK win multiple teamfights without exposing themselves to too much risk. BeryL’s performance didn’t go unnoticed today, either, since he received the first game’s MVP vote.

The first game featured messy trades between both teams early on while they got their core items. SANDBOX were putting up a decent fight against the LCK’s strongest team and it seemed like they weren’t going to go down without a fight. They managed to pick up some dragons, a Rift Herald, and some towers to build up a lead, but for every move they made, DK had an answer.

After DK got their core items, the pace of the game completely changed. They started grouping up and dismantling SANDBOX in teamfights while securing objectives. After 35 minutes of constant brawls and action, DK secured the first win of the series. And BeryL’s Rell was a crucial factor in their map control from the mid game on.

The second game featured a much more passive playstyle from both teams. SANDBOX acquired an early gold lead, but after some questionable calls, they threw it away. The game-deciding fight was near the Baron after SANDBOX took down two DK players. They engaged the Baron, but ShowMaker’s Ryze stopped them in their tracks and secured the path for DK’s second game win.

Following this victory, DK (6-1) maintain their spot in first place in the 2021 LCK Spring Split standings. While some teams are scrambling to find victories, DK keep picking them up with dominant performances. All five players on the roster have proven that they can carry if given the opportunity, making DK one of the hardest teams to counter on the Rift.

DK will be back in action on Sunday, Feb. 7 with a matchup against DRX, a promising team that’s slowly climbing to the top of the standings. The rookie team led by jungler Pyosik is making a name for itself by picking up wins against LCK veterans. Tune in at 5am CT to see the matchup between these two hyped-up teams.

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