Asmongold ‘can’t imagine a world’ where he’s not making content

The OTK co-owner isn't going anywhere.

Screengrab via Asmongold (YouTube)

Though the thought of leaving Twitch has crossed Asmongold’s mind, the streamer has no plans to fully quit making content. On his broadcast last night, Asmongold said he doesn’t see himself stopping any time soon.

“Here’s a good way to say it: I can’t imagine a world where I’m not making content,” Asmongold said. “I thought about quitting a lot, but when I’m not happy with my stream, or I’m not happy with something, I always think about quitting,” the Twitch streamer admitted. “I think a lot of people do.”

Several major changes in Asmongold’s life have impacted the streamer’s life. He went into hiatuses after the loss of his mother and after becoming a co-owner of One True King Media (OTK), but Asmongold returned to streaming both times.

Asmongold admitted he considered quitting, but told his fans he doesn’t normally believe he’s done for good. “I always just think that I’m taking a break,” he said.

The streamer doesn’t necessarily think about changing careers either. “I think that, like, changing focus is really a better way to say it,” Asmongold said. “There could be a time whenever I’m fully devoted to doing OTK stuff, right, and that’s like, my job.” In that scenario, Asmongold said he likely wouldn’t stream every day, but he would continue to make content to a degree.

Despite the countless scares, Asmongold is set on remaining on Twitch to broadcast content even if only on an alt account. Beginning his historic broadcasting career in 2013, fans can expect Asmongold to stick with the platform for the immediate future.

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