Artist shows off amazing Star Guardian Nami skin concept

“The seas are rising.”

Image via Harimi

The League of Legends community is well-known for its abundance of artistic talent, and there never seems to be an end to the creativity that flows from fan-made skin concepts. But one artist in particular is making a splash with a new Star Guardian look for Nami.

The artist, Harimi, designed Star Guardian Nami to fit in with the skin line’s original bright and cheery theme. The skin concept features the Tidecaller in a teal and white ensemble with golden, star-shaped accents. She wears a crown-like headpiece to match and bright blue ribbons hang from her waist. The head of Nami’s staff is shaped like a crescent moon and takes on the same gold and teal coloration from the champion’s outfit.

The skin alone is sure to impress, but Harimi took things a step further by including a mock summoner’s icon, an in-game model, and a step-by-step look into the process and design choices that went into creating the splash art. Additionally, Harimi designed a penguin-like familiar for Nami to help the support hero further fit into the Star Guardian universe.

Nami received her Splendid Staff skin in September, so unfortunately for Nami mains, she likely won’t be seeing another skin added to her collection any time soon. But fans of the Tidecaller can only hope that the support hero’s next look will be as elegant as Harimi’s Star Guardian Nami skin concept.

Fans of Harimi’s work can follow the artist on ArtStation and Twitter.