Artist crafts portrait of Jinx from Arcane using threads and nails

They didn't need Gwen to help them, either.

Image via Riot Games

Fans of Riot Games’ first animated Netflix series, Arcane, have created content showcasing their love for the series and its characters for months. While some fans opt for cosplay to look like their favorite characters, some use their artistic talents in other ways that stand out among other creations.

With just threads and nails, Reddit user u/Thread_Art crafted a portrait of Jinx’s Arcane look completely by hand. They noted that this specific project took them about 30 to 40 hours to complete, following two years of previous experience making art like this with these supplies. They also mentioned that this pattern originated as a combination of computer software and their own work, since some of the outlines can be a hassle to correctly finish by hand.

The video they uploaded showcasing the process begins with themes slowly adding the features of Jinx’s face, though she is not entirely decipherable until her iconic blue hair makes an appearance. From there, multiple black threads bring out the definition in Jinx’s face, displaying the sadness and disillusionment the character experienced throughout season one of Arcane.

The finished product looks as if someone had hand-painted the portrait of Jinx, as the threads are almost completely unnoticeable. When zoomed out completely on the portrait, it could easily be mistaken for official artwork for the character due to how close the resemblance is.

All nine episodes of Arcane, based on the League of Legends universe, are available to watch on Netflix. Riot confirmed that season two of the series is currently in production, though did not give any information as to when it will be released for fans to watch.