Arclight Yorick is now available

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Image via Riot Games

Yorick’s first skin in six years is finally ready to hit the Rift on League of Legends.

The skin was originally revealed on Riot’s social media alongside Beekeeper Singed, which has yet to be released.

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Fans have been awaiting a new Yorick skin for a while now. The last skins, Pentakills and Undertaker, were released on June 22, 2011over six years prior to the debut of Arclight.

Currently, Varus, Vayne, and Vel’Koz are the only other champions that are a part of the Arclight series—which means Riot needs to make one more skin so players can form a team-of-five with Arclight champions.

The Immortal Journey skins were released a few days ago on Sept. 28, giving Janna, Fiora, and Master Yi a new skin each. These were three of five skins set to be released this patch before Super Galaxy takes over the Rift once again in the next patch.

Arclight Yorick costs 1,350 RP and is now available in the League RP store.