4 Arcane characters we want to see turned into future League champions

Arcane has plenty of original characters who could make great additions to League of Legends.

While Arcane focuses on the story of some of League’s champions, there are plenty of other non-champion characters who help build the foundation of the Netflix show.

Many of those characters original to the world of Arcane could find their way in League of Legends, just as some of League’s original champions have made their way into the story of Arcane. A few of the show’s characters showcase abilities, talents, and backstories that could make their way onto Summoner’s Rift, fitting right in with the mechanics and style of League

Here are some of the original Arcane characters who would make great additions to League of Legends


Arcane has conflict splashed across its entire first act, but if any one character had to take up the mantle as the show’s “villain,” it would most definitely be Silco. The character takes up a ton of screen time and is one of the most prominent characters in the show who isn’t already on the League of Legends roster. If Silco was to be added into the game, the Riot design team would have to lean into his alchemical creations and suave demeanor. It would be fun to see a League champion use potions to as much of a degree as Silco does; potentially mixing potions on the battlefield in real time to deal damage to enemies and buff his allies. While Singed already fills the role of League’s “alchemist” character, a unique and modernized take on the classic archetype in Silco would fit perfectly in the landscape of League. A character as unique as Silco could end up as a damage-dealing mage or even a support champion. 


Deckard is a juiced-up, hulking menace in Arcane, and if he was to make it into League, he’d be just as terrifying on the Rift as he is in the show. As a League champion, Deckard would have to make the most of his huge right arm, as well as the power of Shimmer, the chemical that turns humans into monsters within seconds.

Perhaps a mechanic that allows Deckard to balance out both his human and monster forms, while still having the chance to turn into a tanky front-line champion, would work best to fit his theme as a League champion. In Arcane, Deckard toes the line between man and monster, and in League, he’d probably have to do the same to keep his power in check. 

Mel Medarda

In Arcane, Mel Medarda makes her debut in the League of Legends universe as a member of Piltover’s council. If Mel were to be added to League as a champion, she’d most likely use magic or Hextech-themed abilities, filling the role of an ability power-based mage. Her roots in Piltover and involvement with the development of Hextech energies as a whole are a pivotal part of her character in Arcane; they’d have to be a major focal point of her League kit, as well.


Bolbok had just a handful of speaking lines across the first act of Arcane, but when we saw this gold robot in a full suit appear on screen, we couldn’t help but realize just how much the character stood out from everyone else we had seen in Arcane up to that point. At one point in episode two, Bolbok mentions how magic “nearly destroyed [his] race,” and then the subject is dropped almost entirely. Bolbok never goes back to explain what his race is, why they’re important to the story, or what he can even do. Seeing that story explored further in League of Legends could be fitting for a character that looks to be relegated to the back burner in Arcane.

Plus, there’s always room for more robots on the League roster. His larger physique and sturdy look could imply that if he did make it into League, Bolbok would probably fill the role of a tanky solo laner or engage-focused support.  

Arcane is now available to stream on Netflix. The series’ second act will premiere on Nov. 13.