Aphelios, Lee Sin, Corki, and more to receive buffs in League Patch 10.21

Mr. '200 Years' and the Blind Monk are on the agenda.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Lee Sin
Image via Riot Games

As the end of the ranked season approaches, Riot lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter has revealed some of the planned buffs to multiple champions on League Patch 10.21. 

One of the worst performing bot laners in terms of win rate, Aphelios, is set to receive another buff. Additional buffs are going to some of the former meta junglers, like Lee Sin and Trundle, both of which have slightly shifted out of professional play in recent history. Corki, Karma, and Udyr round out the list of planned buffs for Patch 10.21. 

Aphelios was recently buffed on Worlds Patch 10.19 last month alongside other bot lane marksmen Vayne and Sivir. This small buff to his damage scaling hasn’t impacted his play rate at the professional level nor his abysmal win rate in solo queue. So far, Aphelios has been picked once at Worlds and holds a 46 percent win rate in platinum and above, according to League of Graphs

Similarly, Corki, once known as the common pick into Azir in the mid lane, has shifted out of the mid meta in favor of scaling mages and deadly assassins. Corki has also been picked once at Worlds so far. 

One jungler that is still played fairly consistently at the professional level is Lee Sin. He received a nerf to his W, Safeguard, earlier this year, but the change was fairly minor. Known as one of the most difficult junglers in the game, Lee Sin’s typical lethality build in professional play has been slightly modified to support a tankier style, which has worked well for the Blind Monk at the highest level. 

Patch 10.21 is set to hit the live servers on Oct. 14 and will not directly impact the ongoing World Championships, which play on Patch 10.19.