Anyone’s Legends upset EDG in 2022 LPL Spring Split, reigning world champions continue to show glaring weaknesses

What's going on with EDward Gaming?

Photo by Clive Rose/Riot Games via Getty Images

Anyone’s Legends took down the 2021 League of Legends world champions, EDward Gaming, in a competitive three-game series today.

This match featuring Anyone’s Legends and EDG had a subtle amount of implications on the 2022 LPL Spring Split standings for two different reasons. While both squads are fighting to climb up the standings, they’re doing so in completely different positions. Prior to this match, EDG sat at an 8-4 record, tied for fourth place in the 2022 LPL Spring Split. 

Going up against the 4-8 Anyone’s Legends, today’s match was supposed to be EDG’s easiest game in the final two weeks of the season. Instead, the series continued a worrying trend for the reigning League world champions.

Throughout the entire series, the spotlight was on the two team’s bot lanes. Anyone’s Legends AD carry Betty battled back and forth with EDG AD carry Viper and each game in this series was dictated by their ability to carry.

Anyone’s Legends dominated the first game. Everyone on the team won the early game, which led to a 29-minute victory for the underdogs.

EDG bounced back in game two, though, after a monstrous performance from Viper’s Zeri. But in the final game, it was Betty who dominated the early to mid game for Anyone’s Legends.

And while Viper put up an admirable fight in the late game on his signature Jhin pick, that wasn’t enough to stop Anyone’s Legends from pulling off the upset and dealing a devastating blow to EDG.

This win against EDG bolsters Anyone’s Legends’ 2022 LPL Spring Split record to 5-8. While this is a great win, Anyone’s Legend still has a tough road ahead if they want to qualify for the Spring Split playoffs. Their final three games will be against Victory Five, TOP Esports, and Team WE. And given the strength of schedule for both OMG and FunPlus Phoenix, the team’s ahead of Anyone’s Legends for that final spot in the playoffs, even eight wins might not be enough in this competitive LPL Spring Split.

As for EDG, this is a worrying sign for the world champions, who drop down to an 8-5 record. At the start of the split, EDG stood atop the LPL standings due to an easier schedule to begin the season. Yet through all those wins, their early gameplay looked shaky even against the lower half of the standings. And up against the top LPL teams like Weibo Gaming, Victory Five, and even the rising TOP Esports, their weaknesses have been magnified to a worrying degree. 

Instead of having the chance to fight for a top-two spot in the 2022 LPL Spring Split standings, EDG are clinging on to the top six and are at risk of not getting a bye going into the playoffs in just a few weeks. 

EDG will look to bounce back in their final three games of the 2022 LPL Spring Split, starting with a match against Bilibili Gaming on March 12.