Anivia is getting a major change to her ultimate in League’s Patch 10.6

The Cryophoenix has risen.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans might not have noticed, but Riot Games recently added a major change to Anivia’s kit on the Public Beta Environment servers that can only bring good things for fans of the Cryophoenix.

Riot’s Rob “King Cobra” Rosa pointed out that the developer changed how Anivia’s ultimate works. First, her Glacial Storm is no longer cancelled by crowd control of any kind. This is a huge buff to her kit, since she can continue to lay down large amounts of sustained damage, even if she’s bound or stunned.

In certain matchups, Anivia must rely on dodging skillshots to maintain the ability to trade with her Glacial Storm. Now, she doesn’t need to worry too much since she’ll still apply plenty of damage and can even open up other outplay possibilities with Stopwatch and her passive Rebirth skill.

Another change Riot is making to Anivia’s ultimate is that the Frostbite applied by her ultimate now lasts the same duration as the one applied by her Q. The pressure that this change will create can give Anivia one-tricks plenty of new tools to traverse the laning phase and trade with plenty of damage.

Dignitas’ starting mid laner, Henrik “Froggen” Hansen, has been a well-known Anivia main for most of his career. Although he doesn’t bring out the pick as much these days, even he had to say, “This is too OP?” Maybe he’ll get to break out a game or two on the champion when the new patch heads onto the Summoner’s Rift in the LCS.