Amumu bug sends player directly to the enemy fountain

Neither player was expecting this to occur.

Image via Riot Games

Encountering a bug in League of Legends isn’t rare, given the constant additions to the game that can often cause unplanned engagements. But a bug that sends the player to certain death is definitely worth taking note of–especially to the poor player.

In the clip shared to YouTube by League creator Vadiril, aptly titled “League of Legends is a great game,” an Amumu player is transported to his death after attempting to jump to Raptors with an Elise who was in the middle of recalling nearby.

Neither player was aware of the other’s presence. Amumu’s goal was simply to jump the wall, but the interaction that took place was something neither was prepared for. Amumu was dragged along the recall path straight into the enemy base, where they were quickly eliminated by the fountain tower.

Right now, there is no clear answer of what exactly occurred here. But a common theory amongst commenters is that Amumu latched upon the recalling spiderling model as it reappeared at the base and was teleported to it.

This interaction hasn’t been encountered by many players, so fortunately it’s not something that is going to affect most players. Hopefully, with the spotlight put on this clip garnering over 800,000 views, Riot will address and fix the issue.

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