All Anima Squad skins in League of Legends

An obscure skin from the early days of League sparked a journey into a future in peril.

Image via Riot Games

In recent years, Riot Games has been attempting to diversify the skin lines present in League of Legends even further, using these new universes to paint existing champions in a completely new light. While implementing this initiative, Riot has also been taking a look back at previous one-off skin lines, seeing how it can modernize them for today’s state of the game.

Anima Squad is a recent skin line that works off of a rather peculiar skin introduced into the game near its launch: Battle Bunny Riven. This skin saw the rugged duelist ditch her battle garb a bunny outfit complete with ears, a tail, and a carrot-like sword—her splash art showing that she appears to be performing for a crowd in a club. While the skin stands out for being one of the more risque designs, revisiting this concept allowed Riot to create an entirely new universe set far in the future.

Image via Riot Games

The members of the Anima Squad work together in the far-distant future to fight technologically-advanced aliens known as the Primordians. While the team certainly isn’t perfect with their communication, they have brought together their skills under the command of Miss Fortune as humanity’s last hope—all the while wondering what happened to the missing war hero and former captain of the Anima Squad, Riven.

It is unclear if the Anima Squad skins will return at some point in the future, bringing other champions into the ranks, though the success of the skin line may make it something Riot will revisit.

Here are all of the Anima Squad skins currently available in League.

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

Image via Riot Games

Miss Fortune takes on this new appearance as she leads the Anima Squad into battle. She assumed this role following the disappearance of Riven, who had long led the Anima Squad to great success. This Legendary skin for the popular ADC gives new effects to all of her abilities, new voicelines, and puts a hop in her step.

Battle Bunny Prime Riven

Image via Riot Games

The former leader of the Anima Squad, Riven takes on this rebooted appearance that vastly differs from her original Battle Bunny skin. Battle Bunny Prime replaces Riven’s latex suit from the original design with a more advanced suit of armor, all the while retaining her various bunny features and expanding on the original idea of her carrot sword.

Battle Cat Jinx and Prestige Battle Cat Jinx

Image via Riot Games

Jinx joins the ranks of the Anima Squad as the resident Battle Cat. Keeping with the champion’s destructive nature, Battle Cat Jinx serves as heavy artillery for the Anima Squad, able to take down the evil Primordians effortlessly. Unfortunately for the rest of her team, she tends to stick to her own plans without heeding orders from Miss Fortune.

Image via Riot Games

This skin also received a Prestige version that switched the green hues of base Battle Cat Jinx for shades of pink and gold. Prestige Battle Cat Jinx is currently unavailable to purchase, though it may appear in the Mythic Essence shop in the future.

Battle Wolf Sylas and Battle Bat Vayne

Image via Riot Games

Sylas leads a subdivision of the Anima Squad known as the Wolf Team. This highly-dangerous group of heroes is completely unchained, ignoring even the pleas of Miss Fortune as they attempt to bring peace to the world in their own way. 

Battle Wolf Sylas highlights the feisty nature of this champion, giving him a wolf tail and ears in midnight-purple hues. He can even be seen howling from time to time to strike fear into his opponents.

Vayne’s natural disposition for sneaking around her enemies translates well into her role as the main intel gatherer for the Anima Squad. Here, while maintaining her more reserved, to-herself personality, Vayne is capable of doing what she does best for humanity’s safety. Complete with a bat-shaped crossbow, Vayne is ready to sneak past her enemies and fell them with ease—never once being caught.