Akali’s update launches this week, here’s what you need to know

This will be the latest update since Aatrox, and Nunu's on deck.

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Riot has been teasing Akali’s big update for weeks now. First came her gameplay footage, then her Champion Spotlight, and yesterday, her new lore. After all that, the time has finally come. League of Legends Patch 8.15 goes live today, and with it—the new Akali.

There’s a lot to take in with this new version of the old diver assassin. It feels a little overwhelming, considering the fact that she’s completely different than her previous iteration. While most champion updates leave a couple of features in their new kit Akali’s only resemblance to her old self is her shroud, which is also almost completely different in itself. Out of all the recent updates, this is probably on the same scope as Galio’s update last year in terms of sheer size.

For the first time, Riot is also actually completely removing one of her old skins and are replacing it for a new one. Crimson Akali is going away, and Infernal Akali is taking its place with her new design.

Here’s everything you need to know about the update itself, including all her skins and abilities.


Akali’s high-damage and flashy abilities are fun and satisfying to play. She has an insanely high skill ceiling, though. So while she can punish enemy players with the best of them, if you play her without complete understand of her kit you’ll find that you’re the one being punished instead.

The secret of her kit is getting used to her mobility, which can more accurately be described as pseudo-mobility. She has dashes and flips and a wide-range smokescreen, but her damage relies on her using that mobility offensively. This means that if she uses that mobility to escape, she’s going to deal a lot less damage in-combat. Not only that, but she’s bound to her Twilight Shroud to be the most effective.

This means that while she is super mobile and quick, if you can avoid fighting her near the shroud, you can gain an advantage.


Passive: Assassin’s Mark

“Damaging a champion with an ability creates a ring around them. When the ring forms, Akali gains a burst of movement speed towards it. Once she crosses the ring, Akali gains another burst of movement speed towards the enemy.

Crossing the ring also empowers her kama, which increases the range and damage of her next attack. This attack also restores a small amount of energy.”

Q: Five Point Strike

“Akali throws five kunai in a narrow arc, damaging enemies directly in front of her and slowing those at maximum range.

If cast with nearly full energy, Akali heals for a percentage of the damage.

At rank 5, Five Point Strike deals extra damage to minions and monsters.”

W: Twilight Shroud

“Akali restores energy and creates a cloud of smoke, which slowly spreads to cover a ring-shaped area. While in the smoke, Akali is obscured and has increased movement speed.

While obscured, Akali is stealthed and though her position can be revealed, Akali herself can’t be—meaning she can’t be targeted by abilities or attacks, including by turrets.

Akali can leave the smoke a few times to extend the duration of Twilight Shroud by a small amount.”

E: Shuriken Flip

“Akali backflips and throws a shuriken forward, damaging and marking the first enemy hit. The shuriken can also hit and mark the smoke from Twilight Shroud.

Akali can reactivate Shuriken Flip to dash to the marked target, damaging enemies she passes through.”

R: Perfect Execution

“Akali dashes up to two times, with a slight delay between. The first dash deals physical damage and briefly stuns, while the second dash deals magic damage based on the missing health of the enemy.”


Stinger Akali

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Infernal Akali

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All-Star Akali

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Nurse Akali

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Blood Moon Akali

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Silverfang Akali

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Headhunter Akali

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Sashimi Akali

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