Akali takes flight with this awesome bird god themed skin concept

The Rogue Assassin has taken to the skies.

Image via Riot Games

Although Akali might not be in the League of Legends meta right now, this skin concept made by Joseph Kim still looks incredibly clean.

In this creation, the artist envisioned the Rogue Assassin as a “Daughter of Garuda.” In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, Garuda was a legendary bird-like creature with a status similar to a god.

Image via Joseph Kim

Many people also made the connection to League‘s Prehistoric Hunters skin line, which was heavily inspired by the Monster Hunter series. Akali’s concept skin matched the aesthetic of the skin line perfectly, from the relatively bright colors and animal-based armor.

Akali is sporting the beak of an animal as a helmet of sorts while covering the rest of her body with feathers. She also has two majestic wings floating above her shoulders to represent her connection to Garuda. The skin truly encompasses Akali’s agility and speed as a hunter while she wields two golden daggers.

Image via Joseph Kim

Kim also showed off a few other designs he made before choosing the bird. He had a version of the skin with a wolf headpiece instead of a bird and another that had a version with a bear-looking headpiece. But the bird simply matches Akali’s overall theme better than a wolf or a bear.

Her weapon also went through plenty of iterations. The golden color scheme stayed consistent throughout, but the designs all looked different from one another. Some dagger designs looked a bit like a weapon inspired by Azir, another legendary bird-themed champion in the game.

Image via Joseph Kim

With Akali’s current state in the game, it’ll be wishful thinking to see a skin like this any time soon. But if Akali ever returns to the meta, we’ll probably see more cosmetics for one of the most hated champions in recent memory.