The Ahri Nendoroid and statue goes on sale today

A special Ahri-themed merch event will go live at the same time.

Image via Riot Games | Remix by Adam Newell

Two of League of Legends most sought after collectables will finally be releasing later today on Riot’s Merch store.

The Ahri Nendoroid, which was released as a special collectable item for those attending the 2014 World Championships in Korea, is one of the world’s rarest Nendoroid figures. The figure sells for up to $200 on eBay, but will be available later today for $55.

Riot has promised that they will have plenty of the figure in stock, but fans should still act quickly to guarantee themselves a copy later on.

Riot will also be releasing a special Ahri statue at the same time. The statue is a remake of an item revealed two years ago and was meant to celebrate the release of a brand new animated video at the time.

The figure was eventually pulled from the store, however, following negative fan backlash for how it looked. The original Ahri statue had a green fireball instead of her traditional blue color, for example.

The Ahri statue will be in limited quantities, unlike the Nendoroid, so fans should act fast if they want to get their hands on one. A bunch of other Ahri-themed merch items will also make their debut on the store later today.

All these items will go on sale at 1pm CT. Given that both items have been in high demand the past few years, they could go incredibly quickly, so make sure you are prepared if you want to grab yourself one.