Afreeca Freecs LCK playoff climb continues with a win over KINGZONE DragonX

After seven consecutive match defeats, Afreeca Freecs finally beat KINGZONE DragonX.

Screengrab via SPOTV

Afreeca Freecs continued their playoff ascent earlier today with an aggressive 3-1 victory against the reigning LCK champions, KINGZONE DragonX.

Following their impressive 2-0 sweep against Gen.G last Sunday, Afreeca faced their biggest challenge yet—KINGZONE. Since the current iteration of KINGZONE formed last summer, Afreeca have lost seven consecutive matches against them. But if Afreeca wanted to continue their playoff run, they’d need end this massive losing streak against their kryptonite.

In order to do this, Afreeca decided to match KINGZONE’s aggressive play. With mid laner Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng given roaming champions like Talon, and Leblanc, Afreeca succeeded in disrupting the laning phase with constant multi-man ganks. KINGZONE tried to prevent these ganks, but were shut down by Afreeca once any sort of skirmish erupted.

Afreeca’s aggressiveness wasn’t their only early game asset today. Afreeca’s players also seemed to have the edge against their KINGZONE counterparts, finding multiple surprising solo kills. These solo kills, in tandem with their ganks, gave Afreeca early leads in their three game wins today.

With these leads, Afreeca extended their vision into KINGZONE’s jungle. KINGZONE, stubborn to find any way to comeback, took the risk and entered their warded jungle. Afreeca took advantage of this, finding even more kills, which grew their lead to the point where they could take the Baron and end the game.

With their loss today KINGZONE are sent down to the regional finals, where they will be forced to fight a spot at the World Championship against the likes of SK Telecom T1, and Gen.G.

Afreeca on the other hand, will move onto the playoff semifinals where they face the LCK’s fiery rookies, Griffin. Afreeca and Griffin’s playoff bout will take place later this week, on Aug. 18.