Adjustments to all of Zeri’s abilities to go live on League’s PBE later today

The Spark of Zaun has a bit too much pep in her step.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ newest champion, Zeri, does it all. From machine gun-like attacks to wall jumping and grinding, the ADC brings a new gameplay style to the bot lane. Although the Spark of Zaun won’t hit the live servers until Patch 12.2, she’s receiving some changes on the PBE prior to her official debut to better balance some aspects of her kit.

Riot August, principal character designer for League, announced that a handful of changes across Zeri’s kit are set to go live on the PBE later today. Many of these changes directly target the damage she’s capable of, while others serve to help Zeri more safely navigate over terrain without the surprise of enemies waiting in ambush.

Zeri’s Q, which is the main source of her damage and serves as her “auto attack,” has a passive that turns her normal auto attacks into abilities that can be charged by moving and using her Q. The damage this does when uncharged is a bit too much for the limited use that Riot Games intends for it to have, so it’s being nerfed. To compensate for the nerfs to its numbers, however, the multiplier of damage it does is being increased from three-times to four-times on low-health enemies.

The Spark of Zaun’s W is receiving a lower missile speed, affecting its normal cast and when it’s shot at terrain. To help Zeri more safely maneuver over terrain, however, she’ll receive a vision increase when dashing over or on a wall. Enemies will now also be able to see Zeri within a range of 800 while she’s using her E on terrain as well. For Zeri’s ultimate, her on-hit damage is being nerfed early due to the oppressiveness associated with the overcharge mechanic in the early game.

League’s newest champion, Zeri, is available for testing on the PBE now. She’s expected to hit the live servers with Patch 12.2 on Jan. 19 along with her new Withered Rose skin, though she may receive more changes prior to her official release.