5 Sions dive Nexus Fountain in League’s One for All mode—and they just won’t die

Escape is futile.

Image via Riot Games

If you thought hiding in Fountain would save you from a horde of Sions, think again.

With the popular One for All mode making its return to League of Legends yesterday, it appears some fans are already having too much fun. One team ran a zombified squad of Sions and overran the opposing team at their Nexus, posting the hilarious interaction today.

With super minions flooding the enemy base, the enemy Hecarim’s defeat was inevitable. But finishing the game safe and sound at their Fountain proved to be an impossible task.

The enemy Sions refused to let them wave the white flag, using a combination of their Decimating Smash (Q) and Unstoppable Onslaught (R) to chain knock-ups and stun-lock their victims. And even when the Fountain finally zapped the Sions’ health bars, they returned to life with their passive to continue the frenzy.

After one day back, One for All mode has already created some top-tier content. In another game, both teams decided to play Sett and hold their own virtual workout class.

All 10 players met in the mid lane at the start of the match, using their taunt to do sit-ups together.

Though the fun has just begun, the hilarious mode won’t be around for too long. One for All will be removed from the client on April 27.