Here are the 5 best plays of Uzi’s career

Uzi will be remembered as one of the best players of all time.

Photo via Riot Games

Over the course of his career, legendary AD carry Uzi built a reputation of excellence and domination among League of Legends fans, analysts, and players alike. Although he officially retired from pro play today, his legacy will continue for future generations to learn from.

Whether it was in the LPL or on the Worlds stage, the 23-year-old has given so much to the game and has provided fans with multiple memories that will last a lifetime. From his incredible mechanics to his fearless ability to jump into a team by himself, there are many plays to choose from when looking back at his body of work over the past eight years.

Here are five of Uzi’s best plays of all time.

Uzi pulls off game-winning Vayne flank (Worlds 2013 quarterfinals vs. OMG)

Worlds 2013 was Uzi’s first foray into the world of international League competition and he made the most of it by helping Royal Club reach the finals.

One of his most iconic plays of the tournament came against OMG during the fifth and final game of the quarterfinals when he pulled off a bold solo flank on Vayne to secure his team the win. Afterward, the spotlight followed Uzi wherever he went and his reputation as one of the most talented ADCs in the world grew to new heights.

Uzi jumps into three players to secure a series-deciding teamfight (Worlds 2014 quarterfinals vs. Edward Gaming)

In yet another clutch performance, Uzi led Star Horn Royal Club to victory. This time, however, he launched an expert counter-attack to lock down the series win.

Uzi’s team was actually on the backfoot when the superstar ADC decided to jump back into four players from Edward Gaming. Uzi has shown some of the most aggressive tendencies of any ADC, but he’s almost always able to come out on top by the end of the teamfight.

He even flashed forward to secure one more kill before jumping back to safety. His actions here—and throughout the tournament—propelled his team to a second-straight Worlds finals appearance.

Uzi puts on a Vayne masterclass to secure a game-winning pentakill (LPL Summer 2014 week five vs. Invictus Gaming)

Whenever Uzi is brought up in League talks, his pure mechanical teamfighting skills are sure to be a point of discussion. There are simply too many instances where he outclassed his opponents through sheer skill, like this pentakill against one of the younger iterations of Invictus Gaming.

From his perfect auto attacking to a picturesque flash away from the Jarvan IV ultimate, everything that made the world love Uzi is on display in this clip. Uzi grabbed three pentakills with Vayne in his career, but this one gave him critical acclaim across the world.

Uzi with a brilliant Kai’Sa ultimate to escape death (MSI 2018 group stage vs. Kingzone DragonX)

Although we know Uzi for dominating teamfights and destroying his opponents, he can also remain calm in dire situations.

In this clip, for example, Kingzone DragonX support GorillA hit the talented marksman with an instant flash-Rakan ultimate during the MSI 2018 group stage. The end seemed imminent for Uzi since three KZ players closed in on him. But he avoided certain death by using Kai’Sa ultimate to perfectly dodge Graves’ End of the Line, while quickly flashing to avoid the Q damage and Xayah’s ultimate.

Uzi saves RNG and helps them win their first MSI title (MSI 2018 finals vs. Kingzone DragonX)

Uzi’s greatest achievement of his career has to be his dominance over MSI 2018. His performance throughout the tournament—and his play in the finals against KZ—was nothing short of god-like. The final two plays of the series solidified his status as arguably the greatest ADC to play the game.

After MSI 2018, RNG went on to win the following LPL Summer Split before consistent wrist and arm pain forced Uzi to take a indefinite break from competitive play. Although he might be leaving the pro scene, he’s inspired an entire generation of new talent to strive for greatness.