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You may be surprised.

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Lethal Company has already broken several records, entered Steam’s top charts, and attracted hundreds of thousands of players to its wicked and inexplicable moons harboring strange Lovecraftian horrors. But who developed the game? The answer may surprise you.

Out of nowhere, Lethal Company is quickly earning its place in players’ hearts as one of the best horror games available. Its dark corners, echoing corridors, and abandoned settlements, the origin of which no one can tell, have all captivated a massive audience that is bound to grow.

So here’s more information on who actually made this hit game.

Who developed Lethal Company?

Lethal Company trailer of staff inside spaceship
Screengrab by Dot Esports via Zeekerss

Lethal Company was created by a solo developer known as Zeekerss. Yes, you’ve read that right. A game of this quality carried by one person is truly a marvel, especially considering how big the game has grown despite being such a simple title.

Zeekerss will likely be promoted to the list of best active developers, but Lethal Company isn’t their first game, as the dev has done much work honing their skills, particularly in the horror genre.

Zeekerss earned a reputation as a developer of pixelated, simple, evocative, and effective horror games. Their titles include The Upturned, It Steals, and Dead Seater, all containing elements that would later become part of Lethal Company. Most notably, the art direction, as the developer prefers atmosphere and a good art style over flashy and cinematic graphics. They also have a new game coming soon, Welcome to the Dark Place, combining point-and-click and interactive gameplay for a unique horror experience.

What are Zeekerss’ plans for Lethal Company?

According to the developer, Lethal Company is geared to finish throughout the following six months. Their goal is to add enough content so the game can become “infinitely playable,” with the price remaining fixed at $9.99. Zeekerss posted on X (formerly Twitter) they are working hard on getting a new “enemy” into the game. They claim they’re purposely avoiding calling this new enemy a “creature,” as its function will be to combat the player and impose a higher sense of danger.

Seeing as one person spearheads the game, it’s hard to tell how far the scope of Lethal Company can go or how much content the developer will be able to add. Thankfully, we already have a sea of modders working overtime to add fantastic custom-made content to the game, which is bound to take some pressure off the developer’s shoulders.

At any rate, Lethal Company is a marvel on several fronts, most notably its development side. We certainly are happy to see an indie developer rising to the top ranks, as situations like these prove that all a game needs to do is to be good and have a soul: two things Lethal Company has plenty of.


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