The best recipes to cook meals for followers in Cult of the Lamb

All that worshiping makes followers hungry.

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Cult of the Lamb has many different aspects to the game, including the roguelike dungeons and the management side where you must take care of your cult members. Cooking is a part of management and some meals are better than others for your loyal followers.

Early in the game, there are only a few things that players can use to cook decent meals for their followers, and almost all of them have some kind of negative stat to them to make things harder for you.

The easiest and best early-game recipe, and what can keep you going later in the game, is the Basic Berry Bowl. It’s simply made from six Berries, which can be easily planted in crop plots and cared for by your followers. Collect the required Berries and make the Basic Berry Bowl to get a cheap and easy meal that doesn’t affect your followers too much. There is a 15 percent chance your followers poop instantly, but if you hang around a bit, you can clean it up quickly before anyone gets sick.

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Once you get a hold of pumpkins, you can make the Paltry Pumpkin Soup, which has a far lesser chance to inflict illness and diarrhea at five percent. Pumpkins can also be placed in crop plots and the recipe takes four Pumpkins to make one meal.

Best meals to feed followers in Cult of the Lamb

Later in the game, you’ll unlock some more meals that have a higher requirement for what you put in it but will also have far greater benefits. Two three-star meals stand out in quality, while also not being too terrible ingredient-wise.

The first is the Magnificent Mixed Meal, which takes four Beetroot, Two Tuna, and two Meat. It has a 100 percent chance to increase follower loyalty and a 100 percent chance of stopping a follower from dissenting. This is a great meal to cook up when your faith is low and the chance of your followers dissenting is high.

The other meal that is great and not too hard to get a hold of is the Delicious Fish Feast. It takes one each of Squid, Octopus, Blowfish, and Swordfish. All of these can be fished up in the fishing area and can also be bought from the vendor there once you’ve completed his quest. Spend each day fishing and you shouldn’t have too hard of a time getting the ingredients for this meal.

The Delicious Fish Feast has a 25 percent chance of dropping valuable resources and a 30 percent chance of curing the illness of sick followers.

Using Doctrines to solve your food problem in Cult of the Lamb

Another strategy for players who are having a hard time keeping their followers fed is to get the Grass Eater Trait, which is gained from the Sustenance Doctrine at the Altar. This negates all penalties from all of the Grassy Gruel meals. This means that you can permanently solve your cult’s food needs since Grass is so easy to come by in dungeons.

The Doctrine is in the second tier of the Sustenance category, meaning that it doesn’t take much before you can ensure that your cult members will never go hungry. Although you won’t get any bonuses for feeding them the Grassy Gruel, it will make managing your cult so much easier.