A montage of Letham Company's Walkie-Talkie, Boombox, and Pro-Flashlight on a blurred ship background.
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Lethal Company’s best items, ranked

Grab your Flashlight and your Walkie-Talkies to avoid some lethal companies.

In Lethal Company, items such as the Shovel, Pro-Flashlight, and Walkie-Talkies are the best you can get, as they facilitate easier, safer, and more efficient exploration. The valuable information and usability they provide during expeditions make them invaluable, much like other items in the game.

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The biggest challenge in Lethal Company is acquiring information. Yes, being stalked by eerie monsters in the dark dungeons is a major concern, but often you can avoid them with the right items and effective communication. These items are there to assist you.

Below are the best Lethal Company items, ranked according to their survival and information-sharing utility.

Lethal Company items tier list

Tier A – The best items

  • Walkie-Talkie
  • Pro-Flashlight
  • Shovel

Tier B – Great items

  • Boombox
  • Radar Booster
  • Teleporter
  • Zap Gun

Tier C – Useful items

  • TZP-Inhalant
  • Flashlight
  • Lockpicker

Tier D – Niche items

  • Jet-Pack
  • Extension Ladder
  • Inverse Teleporter
  • Loud Horn
  • Laser Pointer

The best Lethal Company item – Walkie-Talkie

Lethal Company's Walkie Talkie in use in the Company moon.
The Walkie-Talkie lights up when in use. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Walkie-Talkie in Lethal Company is the best item in the game because it enables a crew member on the ship to use it to guide others in the dungeon while checking cameras and the computer. It allows for safe navigation, avoiding dead-ends and dangerous monsters, and efficient scrap collection.

It also allows me to enjoy my favorite role in Lethal Company: Staying inside the ship away from danger.

The Essentials (Tier A)

Lethal Company's flashlight lighting a wall next to containers.
The Pro-Flashlight in use. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Besides the Walkie-Talkie, the Pro-Flashlight, or “yellow flashlight”, is key. It’s an upgraded version of the standard Flashlight with an extended battery and a more powerful beam, making it worth the 10c extra cost. Navigating dark corridors in Lethal Company is risky, so the Pro-Flashlight is your best source of information when alone.

Just be cautious of jump-scares that might happen when you suddenly turn it on in the dark. I made that mistake more than I’d care to admit.

The Shovel is the top weapon for team expeditions. It deals decent damage, has a good attack speed, and isn’t too heavy.

Important information items (Tier B)

The Boombox in Lethal Company inside the ship.
Enjoying some music on the ship. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

The Boombox, Radar Booster, Zap Gun, and Teleporter are perfect for navigation and gathering information in Lethal Company. The Boombox can distract monsters or serve as a marker to return to after exploring by following the music. The Radar Booster works like a stationary camera for whoever is on the ship monitoring the crew. It’s best to leave it at key points of the dungeon.

The Teleporter is your panic button. Anyone on the ship can instantly teleport a player back inside it, potentially saving them from death at the hands of a monster. The player drops whatever they’re holding, but it’s best to lose one or two items and survive rather than die.

The Zap Gun is rated lower than the Shovel because it’s an expensive weapon (400c) that you only need for stronger enemies on more challenging moons. Don’t worry about it until you’re taking on these challenges. The best strategy to use is for one person to stun the monster and a second one to kill it with a Shovel.

Utility items (Tier C)

Lethal Company's flashlight lighting a grey wall between containers.
The Flashlight is underwhelming compared to its Pro counterpart. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

The TZP-Inhalant is a very good item since it lets you outspeed many Lethal Company monsters, which is key when you’re running back to the ship after your expedition. However, its high cost (120c) makes other survival items like the Boombox more appealing early in the game. If you can afford it though, you should probably give it a shot.

The Lockpicker is handy for longer expeditions in larger facilities since it’s a permanent key that never breaks. Depending on how your adventure is going, you might have stacks of keys and not need the lockpick, though. It also saves inventory space and takes 30 seconds to unlock doors.

There is no special reason to buy a Flashlight instead of the Pro-Flashlight unless your money is super tight, like during the expeditions to meet the first quota. In any case, it’s better to have a Flashlight than have nothing.

Items that can be good or fun (Tier D)

Lethal Company's Extend Ladder on a container.
Hey, you can climb a container with the ladder! Screenshot by Dot Esports.

I would love to tell you that Lethal Company’s Jet-Pack is a great item, but I can’t lie. It’s expensive (700c), forces you to drop your scrap, and can explode while you’re riding it. Only use it if you want to meme. The same goes for the Inverse Teleporter, which sends you to a random area inside the dungeon and can literally put you in a death trap.

Loud Horns are a niche item the person inside the ship can use to communicate with teammates or to attract outside monsters like Eyeless Dogs. Other than that, a Walkie-Talkie will probably do a better communication job.

The Extension Ladder has a very specific use of letting you climb to specific areas quickly. It can be useful if you’re running out of time, want to optimize your exploration time, or are having trouble getting on the ship with heavy scrap.

The Laser Pointer only lets you see the end of the path you’re looking into. A Flashlight usually does a better job, so there’s no general use for it.

What items should you buy first in Lethal Company?

Start Lethal Company runs with two Walkie-Talkies and a Pro-Flashlight. Work your way toward other information and utility items as you sell more scrap to the Company. Always consider the moon you’re landing on and what are the usual biggest threats there before buying a new round of items to meet your new quota.

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