Is Cult of the Lamb multiplayer?

You'll have to settle with naming your cult members after friends instead.

A lamb and a follower stand in the middle of a circle of hooded cultists
Image via Massive Monster

Cult of the Lamb is one of the most anticipated indies of the year, and players are finally getting their hands on their own cults since the game was released on Aug. 11.

Although there is plenty of hype around the game, and the Twitch integration sure helps with a sense of community around the game, there is no multiplayer or co-op modes for Cult of the Lamb. For now, players will have to be content with the single-player game at launch, although the developers have dabbled with the idea of making it into a multiplayer or co-op game.

“Not at launch, it’s definitely something we would love to do, but we’re definitely not going to do it for launch, and I think it’s something we’ll explore later on,” Cult of the Lamb art director James Pearmain said in a Cult Questions episode. “I think local co-op mode will be cool, we’d have to figure out how it would work exactly. We’ve never done online co-op so that would be a new challenge for us.”

Based on what Pearmain said, it’s likely that if there ever is a multiplayer mode put into the game, it will start out with a local co-op mode instead of online co-op since an online mode is something the team hasn’t touched before.

Though Pearmain did say it would be cool, he also said during the episode that there was no solid plan for multiplayer at the time of the interview, which was held a few months before Cult of the Lamb released in August. So players will just have to settle for the single-player version of the game and wait to see if Massive Monster does implement a multiplayer mode in the future.