How to get the Territory achievement in Stray

This achievement will take the length of the game to complete.

Image via BlueTwelve Studio

In Stray, there are many achievements that can be quickly checked off of the list, but the Territory achievement plays the long game.

This achievement tasks the player with scratching a surface in every chapter of the game. There are 12 chapters in the game, meaning that there are 12 scenarios where players will need to find an area to scratch in whatever setting they happen to be in. The achievement is easy to complete in some areas and harder in others.

How to scratch in every chapter in Stray

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

In the Slums, Midtown, Antvillage, and in some chapters where the developers make it super obvious where to scratch, the achievement is very easy to complete. There are multiple places in the Slums where players can scratch. The same goes for Midtown, and in Antvillage, there are a few places that players can dig their cat nails into.

Players should look for rugs in each chapter, as well as spots on the wall or furniture such as a couch or booth. You’ll know that it’s an area you can scratch when you go up to it and you have the option to scratch it.

There are also some spots on the wall where players can scratch. Wood surfaces are sometimes a safe bet on where you can scratch, like the one in Antvillage that has some paint on it.

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

Scratch a surface in all 12 chapters and you’ll get the Territory achievement. If you miss any, don’t worry because you can go back in chapters after you finish the game to find a place to scratch. But it is recommended to try to scratch in all of the chapters while you are going through the game for the first time because the chapter select will make you start from the beginning of the chapter, meaning that some chapters may have a hard-to-find spot or a difficult chase sequence to get through to get to the spot.