How to get the electrical cable in Stray

Ever wanted to wear a poncho made of wires? Now's your chance.

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As you progress further in Stray, you’ll need to find a variety of different items in order to experience everything the story has to offer. Most of the game’s items are found by exploration, solving puzzles, bartering, or even stealing. Giving the right item to the right robot could garner you something valuable in return or sway them in your favor, helping you get closer to your ultimate goal of getting back home.

One such item is the electrical cable, which is found in the Slums, the game’s first hub world. Obtaining the electrical cable is required to move forward in the story, but it’s not entirely clear how to go about finding it. Nonetheless, you’ll need to find it if you want to know how the story ends.

Here’s how to get the electrical cable in Stray.

How to get the electrical cable in Stray

Finding the electrical cable

The electrical cable's location.
Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

The electrical cable is easy to find initially. Head to the center of the Slums and face the Guardian. From there, turn right and walk down the stairs. On the right is the robot Azooz, who will give you the electric cable you need…in exchange for one bottle of Super Spirit Detergent.

If you have the detergent in your inventory, you can trade it and gain the electrical cable immediately, but chances are good that you haven’t found it yet. In that case, you’ll need to make a detour to find the Super Spirit Detergent.

How to find the Super Spirit Detergent

From Azooz, go back up the stairs the way you came and walk toward Momo’s house. Go down the stairs directly opposite the Guardian and make a right. Follow the path until you pass a neon sign on the left that reads “Super Spirit.” This will be an important location later, so take note of it. Right now, you can’t enter the building, so keep going.

A neon sign that says "Super Spirit".
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Across the alley from the sign is a green dumpster. Jump up on that and follow the path of air conditioners and awnings up until you reach the roof across from Momo’s house. From there, turn left and look for the roof covered in leaves and paint cans. A robot is standing there, throwing paint cans up to his friend on the opposite roof.

Two robots throwing paint cans to each other.
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Once you reach the robots, aim for the one on the lower roof. You can speak with him to learn that he doesn’t want to be distracted, but it isn’t required for the quest. What is required is to press the interact button, which will trigger a brief minigame. The word “meow” will appear in big letters at the top of the screen. When it lights up, hit the dedicated meow button to interrupt the robot’s throw. This will trigger a cutscene where he drops the paint can and splashes it all over the front door of Super Spirit, prompting the owner to open the door and complain.

Now that the door to Super Spirit is open, you can enter and look for the detergent. Retrace your steps down to the alley and run in the door of the newly-opened building. Once you walk in the door, make an immediate left and jump up on the table in front of the window. To the right of the box is a jug of Super Spirit Detergent. Interact with it to pick it up.

The bottle of Super Spirit Detergent.
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Trading time

Once you’ve picked up the detergent, head back to Azooz’s shop. Make for the center of the Slums, face the Guardian, and run down the stairs to the right. Once you get there, interact with the electrical cables and listen to Azooz’s spiel. Once he’s done, show him the Super Spirit Detergent in your inventory. He’ll immediately trade you the cables and remove the detergent from your inventory. You can then continue on through the game’s story by giving the cables to Grandma, who will knit them into a poncho. Take the poncho to the programming whiz robot, who will then fix your transceiver and allow you to locate Doc.